Andrea Bocelli remember in Portofino

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imagesOn my local Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) they have had on a concert that was recorded in beautiful Portofino, Italy showcasing the wide ranging talents of world renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli. The landscape, setting and music are breathtaking, spectacular and impressive. Set against a backdrop of lush rolling hills, the water (with people in boats) and persons at café’s and at windows of homes along the piazza, it gives such ambiance to this great concert. This concert focused on the romantic and love songs that Andrea sings quite wonderfully, with feeling and ease. While the person listening to the concert may not be familiar with the language the song is being sung in, just let the music and words speak to your very being as well as your soul moving you …..
But at the same time, the spectacular views that are interspersed throughout the entire concert, serves as a travel log for visiting Portofino itself.
While classically trained, he is equally comfortable singing pop, religious, contemporary and just about any form of music. He puts his own unique stamp on a love song identified with Elvis Pressley “Love me Tender.” Even though the sun was still in the sky when the concert began, as it went down, lights outlining the homes and businesses were illuminated in light giving it more of a personable/romantic feel to it. As well as well as the stars shining and twinkling down from the sky. One thing struck me that I did not realize is how many languages he is able to sing in. He did songs in six (6) different languages (some with guest artists)… But being classically trained and familiarity with many languages, gives a good foundation for working with any genre of music.
One song that was at the end of the concert was sung in both Italian and English, and had special meaning for Portofino entitled “I FOUND MY LOVE IN PORTOFINO”. Even though the song has the connection to Portofino, you could be anywhere in the world to either sing or hear this song, and you are transported to this lovely city. But the final song (in Italian) was “My Way”, and Andrea definitely does it his way.


2 thoughts on “Andrea Bocelli remember in Portofino

    valentina said:
    March 14, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Ohh Bocelli la voce che ti entra nel cuore!!

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