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Why is it important to buy Italian products, as opposed for going for Made in the USA label?  Or any other label if you will?

You may be asking yourselves why would an American lady have such an interest in brands from Italy?   I have been to Italy and seen first-hand the outstanding craftsmanship and quality of their work and feel that many of these items are just right for the American market.   Many things that I have been fortunate to see and been introduced to are thanks to a very good friend and colleague from Firenze (Florence).       In travels to many of the different regions of the country I have discovered many new and different items that would make a wonderful splash on the world market, especially in the United States where there are numerous citizens who appreciate things that are different and unique, and not of the “normal” line.

One might think that by making the purchases here in the United States, the money would all stay here, but that is not truly the case, no matter what one might hear via publicity.    Some of the funds that are used in these transactions actually go back to the companies in Italy, in directly aiding their economy, paying employees a more living wage.  This purchasing power of the “Made in Italy” label like the “Made in the USA” label in part stands for quality of workmanship, pride in craftsmanship and that you are purchasing a superior quality product.   Manufacturers in Italy (be it leather goods, jewelry, cars   items for the kitchen and home, etc) would never ever attempt to sell an inferior crafted item or product.   By having such wonderful products available to consumers here in the United States  one is not only helping the economy here but in larger part helping the Italia economy and strengthening the trade bonds between two of the world’s most influential nations.

While I am not denying the importance of the “Made in the USA” label, which is as equally as important to everyone.  But there are equally as many if not more products that are from Italy where the style and quality is far superior of what is labeled “Made in the USA, there are many products and items that are imported weekly from Italy and largely go ignored on the shelves by many consumers in the United States and elsewhere.   Except, in stores that cater to many immigrants and those visiting from Italy or of Italian heritage that long for a taste of home.    It is also important to note that while we may not always be conscious of where some things that we buy or enjoy actually come from, it making the choice of these items truly goes a long way in helping rebuild the Italian economy as well as strengthening their reputation abroad.


There are things such as clothing and/or other products that we already have on our shelves and in the shops that are Italian made and not realizes it.  I refer to products such as Armani, Fendi, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo, Dolce& Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, and so much more.   There are many shops and products that I have discovered in my travels throughout the different regions of Italy that are unique to that region and while they don’t have the name recognition yet of an Armani, Versace, etc., it is anticipated that before very long many consumers in the United States come to appreciate and purchase these products as well for themselves or for gifts.   And it’s not just the clothing that I refer to; I also refer to the wonderful hand-made jewelry, leather goods, furniture and other items.   Yet also there are quite a number of excellent wines and food that beg to be tried and enjoyed by a new audience as well.  Plus, up and coming designers and artists’ only want to gain a following and become more of a player on the national and international market.  They deserve that chance as well.    Without them, while the markets would grow, they may not be willing to expand their views and make important changes so that we as consumers have more and wonderful things to choose from. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botchelli, Armani, Ralph Lauren and others that we have come to know and appreciate other the years and centuries had to start somewhere as well

If one is so unwilling to open their minds to new things and new experiences how do they know if they will like them?  Let alone chance their views?  If by trying and experiencing it would be hoped that they would continue to use those things and share them with others and gain a better appreciation of things from not their own county but a nation and a people like Italy.

But one thing that I would venture to mention is that if and when  one is traveling around Italy, be wary of street vendors and some small shops that exist and cater to the tourist industry.    Yes, buying items from these vendors helps in some small way the economy of the country but many of the items that they are hawking aren’t even made in Italy.   They are made outside of the country and cheaply made at that, and many sell knock-offs of well-known labels (and many can’t tell the difference, but it does exist).   The latter does such a disservice to the legitimate businesses as well the owners of the business and their employees.

Kathy Kiefer


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