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If you are shopping for many of the top fashion designers, and you are in a city such as Manhattan (New York City), Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland or any other big city you won’t have a shortage of places to shop in order to find just the right item.   I am aware that many people from Italy and other European countries come to the United States not just to visit and do the usual tourist things, but to shop for brands that they have come to know from back home, as well as top American Designers,  I am referring to brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, amongst others and generally at a cost savings to the consumer (as a reflection of lower rate of exchange in this country where you generally can get more for you money).

Many  of the  designers clothing lines, plus accessories (including shoes as well as handbags) can be found at department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales’, Macy*s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylors amongst others.  I also find it quite fascinating to window shop at the department stores to even gain a better insight into some of the brands that being offered. This applies also to the fantastic displays inside the store that highlights much more wonderful items.  Also many of their fragrances and makeup can also be found at these department stores, but also at a store such as Sephora.   In New York City alone I have found that many designers also have their own stores in different locations, and not just tied in to the fashion center of the city in addition to the department stores.  Also designer Roberto Cavalli recently just opened his own flagship store in New York City called “Just Cavalli” and is located at 434 West Broadway (he is also found in Macy*s and several of the other top stores ).   I have also discovered that several of the big designers also have their own stores in Manhattan in addition to being sold at the afore mentioned department stores.    Having their own stores also holds true at shopping malls around the United States as well.  At many of the shopping malls they have what is known as anchor stores (i.e., Macy’s, Lord & Taylors, J.C. Penny’s, etc.)  But also other specialty stores that have many items those aren’t found in the larger stores but are equally as important and worth purchasing.    This also holds true not just in Manhattan but also at stores around the country.

Throughout these cities shoppers can also find designer shoe stores also carrying appropriate shoes and accessories to “dress up” any outfit and any occasion.   Also another venue where one may find these top brands are outlet shopping malls, but I would think with the shopper being cautious.   While I am not knocking outlet stores/or malls, you can get a good bargain on many things, including the designer labels, but recently I had gone to a local outlet mall and was browsing in one of the stores I routinely shop at when I noticed that they had an item I purchased somewhere else days before at even more of a    savings than at the outlet store.   So the moral would have to be  not just “buyer beware” , do a bit a research before going out shopping so that you get the desired items at the best price.   I am aware that there are many shoppers that are looking for excellent quality and well-made Italian products will generally go to the best places to exactly what they desire, regardless of the price.    It is important to note that the “Made in Italy” label, just as with the “Made in the USA” label stands for quality of workmanship, style, elegance and class.   But both labels carry much weight behind them.

From late January to mid to late February many of the department stores will begin to have end of season  (or clearance)  sales to move out the remaining winter clothing lines and accessories  that are on the shelves as they begin to gear up for the spring fashions as well as getting the departments ready with spring displays.     It always makes for such an interesting transition of clothing and at this time the consumer can get even better deals/bargains on the closeouts with substantial markdowns and reductions in price.

Also, in the Little Italy area of New York, they have specialty shops that sell many wonderful items with the “Made in Italy” label that one can find nowhere else.  To that end I am providing a list of some of these shops that can be found there.

Di Palo (Fine Foods), IL Coccio (Italian Ceramics), Piedmonte Co. (Food Products), Sandy’s (Hats, Clothing, Shoes), Accessories by Regali, Bella Mimo Gifts, E. Rossi & Sons, Enoteca Di Palo, Go Go Jewelry, Mulberry Street Cigar Co., Regal Handbags, Step Up Boutique and many other wonderful stores.  Little Italy also has Pastry and Italian Food stores  that aid in getting those hard to get  food items to prepare and/or serve at home. But if you are looking for a good Italian meal you need not look any further than one of the restaurants in Little Italy.

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