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piccolissima per webpgItaly:  A new young generation in Italian Politics, Giovanni Fittante is waging an excellent battle against leaders of slot machines, and the spread of gambling in public places.  The newly elected Secretary for service in the Tuscany Region, Italia Dei Valori, has also showed that a scientific problem exists.  This problem has been verified by doctors, as well as scientific researchers  who have held that slots, being a game of chance as well as slot machines are addictive and one can lose  consciousness  and become transfixed where his actions become like a robot which you can approach and ask everything.

Here is the article from the blog of the Italian politics:  =>

It’s an old story, but lately the phenomenon of slot machines has become very worrisome from a number of socio-cultural and economic aspects.A report of the Customs and MonopoliesSchermata 2013-12-23 alle 02.41.26 only in Sassari, for example, there would be no more than 400 exercises with slot machines and terminals, 1780 machines scattered throughout the city (one for every 70 inhabitants), a tour d ‘business, a scary turnover in 2012, would have  moved 76 million Euros. In short, this is a widespread legalization of gambling. Just take a ride in any city or country to notice that almost every bar has such machines that eat money. Even special centers were born and local sun slots always are well advertised. If you happen to get into one of these places, you will find: housewives, workers, professionals, senior citizens, young people that are enchanted by the turn of the lights and images projected from the slot. Usually with a hypnotic gesture automatically inserting money without stopping in the vain illusion of winning something.

This situation, in addition to addictive and substantial repercussions to degenerate with socio-economic life of the people involved, almost always in 2421437-slot test of economic and tightness aggregation of families interested in the problem. This disgraceful social plague is minimally contrasted by the State, but rather, as reported by the media, in Parliament there would be many “Honourable” people close to the gambling lobby, that push to continue and maintain the current system. It is under the eyes of everyone that has given the State; I find no other term, to condone intent with a frightening sum of taxes to companies that manage this business. The nonpayment for the Treasury will weigh on the Italian people, in fact, loading up on petrol (gas) and advances IRES and IRAP tax for businesses; we have tried to find coverage. In practice, to pay are always the same.

I wonder why, in Italy where casinos are not allowed, they would do so much good to the territory, normalizing and regulating gambling. Politicians have given away Monte Carlo slot machines which are operated by private concessionaires. In addition to the State all had a billion and 165 million euro. They wanted to pay only the fifth part and the Government of broad understandings and bad views knelt down and said yes. The Court of Auditors has had a start and has balked, not because of those slots would pay everything, what happens to ordinary citizens, but why pay at least a third, 30%. And those, with one exception, they said no.

IDV wants to solve this problem at its root and to present this social scourge from spreading.  We seek your participation, because already in your families there may be some members, even without your knowledge is playing and is selling his life by heading downward spiral without an exit.  Help to put an end to this massacre and destruction by joining in this initiative with us.

Just say “No to Slot Machine”

Giovanni Fittante

Segretario Italia dei Valori Toscana


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