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In Florence, Pitti Imagine Uomo 85 officially begins and is scheduled from the 7th to the 10th of January 2014. The men’s fashion week in London does not seem to any  effect or  scratched the preeminence of the most important exhibition  in the world dedicated to men’s style, which has been able to respond to attacks on foreign energy, namely by scouting. Although I am of the view that the event in Florence is too short and too compressed between the Christmas festivities and events in Milan: Fashion Week, Fashion Show & more.   Moreover it is more extensive, detailed and distributed over the year as compared to Pitti Imagine Uomo.

The theme of this edition of Pitti, is Rock Me, has been declared by the Deputy Director General Agostino Poletto, to give an important boost to men’s fashion.

The proposals for autumn winter 2014-2015 promises to be interesting at the show.  There are 1030 exhibitors, of which 40% are from 30 foreign countries. This figure confirms the international appeal of Pitti, which is also confirmed by a significant presence of international buyers. The goal, as stated by President Gaetano Marzotto, is to strengthen the role of Pitti as a platform for connecting with the Asian market. From this assumption comes the desire to invite a massive representation of the Chinese luxury retailers and to promote inclusion in their store of fifteen young designers.

Once again we renew the tradition of a Guest of Honor at Pitti 85 parade and waiting for Andreas Melbostad’s collection for Diesel Black Gold.   Pitti W will also host the presentation of the original works of Brazilian designer Barbara Casasola.  On January 9th there is the debut of Alessandro Dell’Acqua with the brand’s first menswear collection of trademark number 21.  This collection refers to a number of key pieces in the male wardrobe, a world in which Alessandro Dell’Acqua returned after an absence of 15 years.

With the rich program of special events:  Scotch & Soda will present the draft original  Atelier Scotch , WP Lavori in Corso , the Barracuda Blue Label collection designed by Jeff Griffin, Torello will launch the new T-Jacket , Caruso will unveil the Manufacturing Renaissance.  There will be great space for young talent. In particular, highlightening the return to Florence of Stella Jean (after the fashion show in Milan in September) and the presentation of the collections of the past winners of “Who is up Next:  Super Duper Hats and Headquarters?”  All this is to assume an important creative event and that the current staff is doing everything possible keep it alive and renew Pitti Imagine, and they succeed well, considering the strong competition that comes from abroad and by logistical problems. There is, in fact, a complicated domino effect among the various global fashion weeks, as they are all too close to each other. You can verify this quite easily by not only the traders but also by exhibitors.   For logistical requirements with respect to the industry, the various events, London- Florence -Milan- Paris-New York should be spaced out better, to give greater accessibility to the organizers and participants.




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