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(The Bank of Italy)


I found this article and I want to include in my blog, to show the American people that in Italy there is no more ‘democracy.


The facts today:

I am following the images on TV (la7) of this day in Parliament. The Speaker of the House has challenged an extreme clause, called the “guillotine”. They tow each debate, or filibuster and move to vote.   In a couple of minutes, Imu – Banca D’italia passed.   M5S parliamentarians react with protests and fliers, given the unusual gesture of President Boldrini, also because the filibuster in the House has always been a tradition, a right, but also a sin ‘ that this right was contemplated only when you had to vote against case law while it was never customary to use the guillotine clause.  The reaction that has led to extreme venting of youthful frustration that can be considered exaggerated.   Though I would like to see what you have to do with this war of nerves, however, while trying to change things you find yourself bumping into the classic rubber wall.  The Congressman then nudges against a woman, the M5S deputy, a big drop in style and has been seen on TV.  These guys are proving to be real fighters, often surpassing the teachers and mentors, with character to spare, maybe little experience, too much spontaneity but proving wanting to fight with their lives as the cost by trying to recover a dream that the old dinosaurs have stolen.


A direct testimony, the decree Bank of Italy, and because the members of the movement five star Beppe Grillo, have struggled so long to defend Italians, who, most of them not even understand the value and importance of this thing.

From a recent article by Marco Scurria

saccomanniIn this days, the House of Representatives will be called upon to give the final opinion of the Law Decree of Letta and Saccomanni, issued by the Council of Ministers this past November 27th, just as the cameras of the media throughout the country have been concentrated on the forfeiture from Senator of the Republic of Silvio Berlusconi. The DL goes to modify the structure of Letta and Saccomanni, owners of the Italian Central Bank, now in the hands of major financial cartels operating in our beautiful country, including Intesa San Paolo, Uni-credit and Assicurazioni Generali. The Government has decided to transform the Bank that was once the Italians into a “public company “, where the audience there will be anything: each operator in the global financial market will be able to buy the shares of the Bank of Italy to hold a maximum of 5% of the shares. For example, this means that the various American investment banks Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and City Groups will divide along with other operators (possibly the Chinese, Germans or others) of the Italian Central Bank.

The beauty is that the Berlusconi Government passed a law in 2005 (the unknown 262/2005), which provided exactly the opposite: the re-nationalization of the Bank of Italy with the passage of 100% of the shares to the private Italian State.   This happened in 2005, when – after endless pressures – finally you knew who were the shareholders of BDI, hereto unknown. The law passed by Parliament by the center-right was never liked (I wonder why …) by the Italian bankers.  Just a few months ago the President of ABI Patuelli asked to change the 262/2005 law that over so many years that has never been made operational. Saccomanni, who comes from the Bank of Italy, immediately obeyed the ruling.  Thanks to the silence of the media, the Parliament is about to approve a measure that permanently robs the Central Bank of the Italians.

But there’s more!!  The formal reason for why law 262/2005 was never made ​​operational is to be found in the issue of the shares of the capital.   The value of Bank of Italy was, until the Lingotti-d_oro-a-Fort-Knoxdecree of Letta and Saccomanni was just 156,000 euros, a figure established by the Banking Act of 1936. With the DL and Government and with an estimate of some “wise men” appointed by the same Saccomanni, under this law it was decided that the value of the BDI is about 7 billion Euros.   With this transaction, the shareholders from Uni-credit, Sao Paola and the others gathered large capital in hand, ready to sell on the market.  Do you understand?   It’s as if the Government established a table that had the value of your company or your home had been multiplied exponentially!  A unique gift to the usual suspects, with the aggravating circumstance that the creation of money from nothing (among other things has pissed off even the Bundes bank!) much to the advantage of the Italian State, our Italy.

Upon completion of this great maneuver behind all Italians, we then have to add the issue of the gold reserve of the Palazzo Koch: tons and tons of our gold bullion and will become the property who buys our Bank. About 100 billion gold reserves (Italy is the third richest country in the world gold) shall fly away with the last remnant of the sovereignty of the Italian people.

We cannot allow anything to happen even quietly.  We need to know the truth and fight in Parliament this act of high treason. It is the future of our land!!!!


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