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With the renewal of Spring time and the world literally and symbolically in full bloom, nature has stepped gracefully forward reminding us of all of the beauty life has to offer—each and every one of us.

Spring time brings with it hope of new life, warmth and sun.  Whether you celebrate Easter or other religious celebrations at this time year, they all are filled with many symbols and rituals.   Many say spring-time is when love is in the air.    Why is this?

The spring season contemplates a new beginning and epitomizes romance in its own way.  Spring romance can induce perfect streak of romance in the love life of a couple.  We joyfully welcome new beginnings in our life with the freshness of spring time.  You can take a new path toward romance and get mesmerized by the enchantment it savors upon each love struck individual.   Just as Mother Nature brings forth new growth, buds and flowers, you could bloom a new bud of love into your life.    You could also paint your world with the color of romance.   Spring is a time of renewal — remembering you are alive, emerging from hibernation, and sprouting forth with new energy and focus. It is also a time when it is nearly impossible to pay attention.  Longer days.  Sunshine and blue skies calling you outside, transporting you to a magical place.

With a fresh viewpoint and new-found feeling of hopefulness we often find ourselves in moments of inner reflection and quiet contemplation. The core of this might be as simple as thinking—I feel so hope-filled and at peace at this moment, how might this continue?   It might be as simple as  reviewing past actions in an effort to move forward in a positive direction—to do more good, to feel this inner peace more frequently or to reach a higher place of being—having the ability to share more light and love with others.

Smell of spring is a new beginning and, like any other season, this, of romance in his own way. To induce perfect springtime romance strip of romance in the love life of a couple. Welcome new start in life with the freshness of spring your life. Take a new edge on the path of romance and fascinated by the magic, love the taste of each affected individual. Bloom, a new bud of love in your life, like Mother Nature, as they make a new beginning. Paint your world with the color of romance and is injected.  Get started with ideas of romance in this spring season and enjoy the difference that your love for life.

With the spring season is the variety of fruits and vegetables available during this time known. With so many possibilities and options, a delicacy, the original idea to cook for a romance. You can cook a perfect recipe for your sweetheart. Get with your cooking skills and the magic of love, romance than a bath in the spread properly. Get to work, cooking a storm in the kitchen and set up the perfect romantic day.

Spring is the best season for a special a romantic day when the things are just starting to burst forth with beauty and color. The beauty of nature welcomes you to spend the day and enjoy nearby. Take a walk in the night on his way amid the fresh flowering of trees and plants. Enjoy a romantic long journey amid the darkness of nature with a cool breeze brush against you. Plan a full day of fun and steal moments of togetherness.

The season of spring is the best time to go for a picnic. The bloom of nature and the twittering of birds make the season perfect for a picnic. Re ignite your flame of love or light a flame of love while on a picnic. Get a taste of love with the taste of romance as you for a day. Infuse nature in your life and then step forward for a happy day. With gorgeous goodies as your company steals your heart from your heart through the stomach and an explosion in the season.

The spring season is known for the wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables available at this juncture.  Use some of this wonderful fresh produce and go on a picnic, one could plan for moments of intimacy or be spontaneous and it helps to turn an uneventful day into a joyful one.  Another possibility would be to go on a boat trip along the rivers and canals. Get romantic as you ride through the waterways for a smooth ride of love and romance. Another idea would be to steal a view of the landscape, while a horse’s back. There are many endless possibilities.

Sing the stories of romance; spread your love from the heart. Welcome new beginning with the attacks of joy and happiness in your life and multiply the joy, just as the spring season. Share the moments of love and weave stories of a new season of love. Embrace the beauty of nature and enjoy a spring romance.

 Renewal is learning how to face major changes in job, relationships, aging or health.   Perhaps the most important renewal is the beauty and depth of discovering love. Love for another and accepting your own self-love.

Every year, all over the Earth, human beings from all walks of life and from a myriad of faiths greet the coming of Spring with a lightness of step and joy in their hearts.  The invisible thread of ‘cosmic knowing’ that connects us with one another and with all life is inherent within the wisdom teachings of all genuine Spiritual paths, and it reminds us of the significance of the cycles and seasons of life.  Spring brings with her the invitation to awaken from Winter’s reflective and restful energy, to greet and embrace the opportunity for inspired new beginnings with enthusiasm and upliftment.

Our ‘cosmic knowing’ is quite literally an exquisite web of light that is alive within our core interconnectedness.  Today, the best Quantum Science of our time recognizes this truth, showing us deep space images revealing the universal web of light. The bridge of open heartedness and open mindedness that connects Science and Spirituality, East and West, Christian and Muslim is growing in strength as we grow in our self-awareness and mutual respect. And as spiritual beings having this amazing human experience, we are all called to strengthen this bridge by first connecting with the disparate parts of ourselves & then with those of our society.

 Why do we need to actively celebrate Spring every year?  Because we regularly forget our ‘cosmic knowing’ and our interconnectedness! Living in harmony with the natural cycles of life, supports us in being more aware and respectful of ourselves and of one another. That’s why humans from all cultures & belief systems have created such a wealth of beautiful rituals and practices designed to help us actively remember.  This Spring Festival of Renewal offers an opportunity to join together, human to human, soul to soul, heart to heart and belly to belly.  It is an opportunity to join together to awaken even more to your/our innate and natural state of happiness and to be inspired to be the active presence of joy, love and compassion in this world in ways that are life affirming and  sustainable

 Love is natural to the heart, but because of past emotional injuries from negative relationships we have learned to “over-protect” ourselves by building walls around it and shutting down the heart’s desires. Discover how to go beyond your fears and feelings of isolation and disappointment that separates us from other, even from ourselves.

 Learn effective and natural ways to open your heart and open yourself to a life filled with love, compassion and passion. Understand and get beyond those past influences that have caused you to abandon and close your heart’s natural acceptance of love. Use yoga postures, breathing exercises, music, different forms of chanting and spiritual quests to raise the heart’s vibration and energies and learn how to protect yourself from negative influences without “shutting-down.”

  So as the springtime season offers to the world a phenomenal sense of renewal and cleansing I have discovered what truly is the larger picture. This simple act of clearing out the junk and cobwebs that have accumulated within our body, mind and spirit is truly the “rebirth” of the spiritual and human desires of the soul.

Love is the source of everything.  By looking at any springtime vista—you can see Love is shimmering in everything. When you feel that Love, it makes us want to hold it sacred. To connect to the Love that’s in all of us, to practice keeping our attention in our hearts, is a great place to start.

We cultivate this Love through the nourishment of yoga, food, and connecting to the natural world, and by embracing the strength that resides within this seasonal transformation. From the tenderness of our hearts, we can find our greatest strength, just as the delicate bud bursts open into a powerful bloom with the arrival of spring.

Kathy Kiefer


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