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Is it important to get in touch with the cosmos to do this form of meditation?  What is it?

Chances are that your heard the words “cosmic meditation” but aren’t really sure what they mean or how cosmic meditation is different from other types of meditation practice.   But what exactly is it?   It’s known by various other names including “cosmic energy meditation” and also “grounding meditation.”  It has come into fashion thanks in small part to the movie “The Secret” and also with the growing popularity of Cosmic Ordering, which is where you send your thoughts out into the cosmos with the expectation that your wishes will come true.

As you’d expect from a relatively new phenomenon, cosmic meditation is a blend of old and new meditation practices.  As with the majority of meditations, the primary aim is to help you to quiet your mind and generally calm down.  Which in today’s modern world is a good aim in and of itself.  Meditation is not a craft or science. It is our true nature. Our true nature is oneness with the Universe. In mediation one can experience the cosmic consciousness. However due to our restless mind it is not always obvious. Unfortunately we are mostly caught up in our mind and cannot experience the cosmic consciousness. That’s why we need to practice meditation techniques before we start experiencing that oneness.

Grounding mediation – will help you align your energies with the earth’s energies so that you feel calm, refreshed and at peace.  It begins with the awareness on the breath which helps you to keep focused in the present moment.   The guided meditation itself is done as visualization, but it could also be done outside while sitting against a tree.   Trees and plants have their own energy field and one can absorb this energy in a positive and revitalizing way for your whole being.

To an extent, cosmic mediation blends old and new forms of meditation.  The main aim, as with most other meditations, is to be quiet and calm your mind.   To achieve this, one should sit or lie still.   This helps to allow your body realizes that it needs to be calm for this process to work.  Then move on to focusing on your breathing and cosmic meditation is no different at this stage. Deep breathing helps you to relax and to bring a stillness and calmness into an otherwise hectic world.   It usually helps to breathe deeply in and out a few times to add to your overall feeling of calmness.  Once you’ve started to calm your body, it’s time to start the visualization, which is the heart of cosmic meditation.  Allow your meditation to run wild – a form of meditation that aims to allow you to tap into the cosmic forces that are all around us. Whether or not you believe in god or any form of creation it not a big matter – the important thing is to connect with the “oneness” of the universe, this is the energy that keeps the universe in one piece.  Once you’ve made some sort of connection, the next part of cosmic meditation process starts to happen.  Everyone experiences this connection in different ways and every meditation session can be different.   If you get a more powerful connection that’s fine.   Go with the feeling rather than analyzing it.   When you’re in a connected state, the aim it to cleanse yourself and to renew your energy levels.  This can be done in a number of different ways:  feel yourself standing barefoot on the ground.    Notice the grass or soil beneath your feet.  Then begin to notice energy from the ground slowly spreading upwards throughout your body.   Feel the tingling sensation as this happens.  Pay attention to the energy flowing upward throughout your body.  Feel the tingling sensation as this happens.  Pay attention to the energy flowing upward through your body as well.  As the energy flows, notice that it is purging all the toxins from your body.  Every breath you exhale contains these toxins – you may even notice them dissolve into thin air as soon as they leave your mouth or nostrils.  Enjoy the energy radiating throughout your body. Keep doing this for a few minutes.  You may find the first few times that you practice cosmic meditation that your body might get too excited and you might have to stop.   With practice, your cosmic meditation sessions will last longer.

The main body of the meditation session is where things start to get slightly different. Instead of concentrating on further relaxation or on healing your body, cosmic meditation helps you to connect with the full energy of the cosmos.      It does this by reinforcing the connection we all have with the outside world, whether we realize the connection or not.

The method is often referred to as grounding because of the emphasis on connecting to the world around you. You’ve heard the description that someone seems grounded and it’s that experience that cosmic meditation aims to achieve.

Most visualizations will therefore guide you to the links you have with the outside world. A favorite of mine has visualization where you see yourself barefoot in the grass with roots extending from the soles of your feet. Then, like a string tree, you feel the energy from the earth flowing up through you and filling your body with energy. Finally, the energy build-up is so big that it overflows and fills the space around you.

This kind of “connected” feeling is a common experience with cosmic meditating.

Cosmic meditation is an effective way of meditation which includes both the ancient as well as the new techniques that are extremely beneficial in meditating. Grounding Meditation and Cosmic Energy Meditation are two other names of this meditation. The exact origin of this type of meditation is not known, so it is also called as a new age meditation. However, what is well-known is that cosmic meditation is extremely beneficial for human beings and the experience one feels is no less than being in a state of divine bliss.

Cosmic meditation, as the name suggests, deals with the connection of our heart, mind, body and soul with the cosmic energies in the universe. This meditation provides us an easy way to get rid of the isolation one feels due to the vicious circle of stress or depression. Instead of feeling disconnected with the unfavorable happenings, cosmic energy meditation helps in connecting with the energies in the cosmos which results in the overall feeling of calmness. This type of meditation requires the visualization skill and the rest would take care of itself.

First of all find a quiet place with a peaceful atmosphere to meditate then you can either lie down or sit with a straight spine. Now, start with deep breathing and watch your breathe. Now let the horses of your imagination and visualization run as wild as they can. When you make contact with the cosmic forces feel the ecstasy of being in a state where everything is too good to believe, where you feel the divine calmness and where everything adds charm to your joy.

You can either meditate in a group or all alone and also you can recite your prayers to make a connection with the cosmic forces of the universe. Spiritual music or soothing instrumental or some calm vocal music can also contribute a great deal during grounding meditation. Once you make a connection with the cosmos, you are filled with energy and your inner self freshens up like a rosebud. You may find it a bit difficult to maintain your focus and concentration level in the beginning but gradually with regular practice, you would reach your final destination. Do remember that cosmic meditation is a gateway to a new world so just keep on meditating until you get there!

 kathy kiefer


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