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phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgWhat is the difference between the two if there are any?   What should I be aware of and look for?  Could the style of someone else, give me ideas into something that could work for me?

There will always be that immortal debate on which is better, having a style or following a trend.   Dressing up has more freedom than most people would think.   It is not like dressing up a royal banquet where there are strict rules to follow. Indeed, there are rules in dressing up but there is freedom as well, an example is that being underdressed is more fatal than being overly dresses.

Fashion and trends are the latest words heard from youth, but what is it all about? Fashion is nothing but the style and design of clothes, accessories, shoes, make up or haircut. Though, trend is a part of fashion, it is a word which is known for inspiring one about the latest collection at a prescribed time.

We generally hear people speaking about fashion and trend. The difference between both the words is fashion changes for a particular season, climate or weather. But trend has a specific tenure which people follow and go through.   It is six months, 1 year or 2 years tenure but sometimes it may extend as well because of the unique style. Fashion and trend sometimes means the same or actually, it has the same meaning with a different word because both have the same work to do, that is to ‘follow the trend’ as in wearing the latest styles or fashions.

Fashion has a lot of styles through which one can choose which is unimaginable. It is never constant. Fashion is how one creates ones-self by wearinggeorge-clooney or using different styles that look into fashion. In fashion, what is “in” will be popular, hence everyone wants it.

Fashion can be defined as:  (a)   prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc. the latest fashion in dresses; (b)  conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., of polite society, or conformity to it; the dictates of fashion; to be out of fashion; (c)  Manner; way; mode;  and (d)  he make or form of anything.

Trend is a general direction where people tend to move. Trends are like waves in the

ocean, it reaches the shore once in a while. It has a prolonged period of time when prices of financial market rises and goes down because of the demand of the particular trend. People, who live in different parts of the country, of course will have different styles, different ideas, and different demands and will buy different kinds of materials which are suitable to their climate, area or society.

Trend can be defined as:  (a) the general course or prevailing tendency, trend of events.  Or (b) Style or vogue: the new trend in women’, children’s or men’s apparel.

BRITAIN-ITALY-FASHION-EXHIBITIONIn the actual sense, people should find their own way to choose their style rather than someone else’s. It’s just that you can be unique by not trying to be unique. Fashion is always conforming to personalities.   Fashion may come with a high price tag, but you always want to buy a new outfit, ornaments, etc. The latest example of a fashion trend is the Android phone.   People are following new technology with advanced applications without bothering about the cost. So only opulent people may keep up to date with the latest fashion because it is not a basic need of life to remain so but when the trend comes with the society you have to adapt to it in order to be a part of society

I have discovered that Men’s Fashions from the 1920’s could arguably be the starting point for modern fashion trends.   So what is that made the 1920’s so special?    A starting point may be social customs were starting to be relaxed, which allowed both men and women to experiment with forward-thinking designs.   The fashion style of the 1920’s still retains an air of classic sophistication, though with an undeniable twist of fun.   This style is coming back into the    forefront today.     This resurgence is due in part to current and past movies (that have been reissued), such as THE GREAT GATSBY or even THE STING.   It is such a unique look and is a trendsetter.

Heavier Material – In the 1920’s suits were made of wool, while pants were made of wool-based flannel.   These materials are in sharp contrast togli-uomini-piu-eleganti-del-2011-119471-1 today’s trend of lighter material.  It is with this distinct flair that will be one of the first thing people notice.   Suit pants usually match the suit jacket; sometimes the jacket is of a lighter color, but still the same material.  Patterns could be a solid tone or a simple design (such as vivid plaids, checks, and stripes).   An additional feature to think about is the flap pockets.  The 1920’s suit had two sets of flap pockets.   This is not a necessary a requirement, but is an added bonus.

Suits were either single or double breasted and feature around three buttons. Importantly, the top button came to the center of the heart giving way to notch lapels. The highness of the lapels is what sets the 1920 suits apart from other eras and is a necessity to pull off the look. Pants were very high, sitting above the bellybutton, secured by suspenders or a leather belt. It’s a good idea for your socks to show if you’re sticking to the style.

The fashion requires a three piece suit with a matching vest. It is essential that the vest be high v necks with full body coverage. A short vest would not pass. Accompanying the vest is the signature shirt with attached collars, preferably white. The white collar against a solid or striped shirt is a stunning look. Shirt should be tucked in firmly and to be never exposed.

Accessories, though not a requirement, can add a fun twist to the1920’s men’s fashion look.   Gloves and pocket squares were common in the 1920s and their respective color often matched. Bright colors like yellow or red gloves were preferred over traditional black, brown, or gray. The bright color is a distinct contrast to the suit.

10019GCDB2464WebNeck wear is also a good addition. Either a bow-tie (usually puffy) in fun stripes or polka dots, a necktie in striped or plain, or a neck scar tie will do. Neckties were narrow and short, a few inches above the pants.

The 1920′s hairstyle wasn’t distinct from any other period. Like traditional hairstyle, the optimal look was short and clean-cut. Almost military-like in appearance. Men’s hats were commonly worn. The rich wore top hats or homburg hat, while the middle class wore a fedora. If you are able to wear a top hat or fedora, then by all means do so.

Styles do not need to be followed. Men who have styles are those who are being followed.   It may be fun to be trendy but at the end of the day, following trends may be something that can dent the pocket as opposed to style which can be a lifelong principle. Another point of contention is that style is something you are born with. There is an innate curiosity as to those whose style has evolved overtime.

It is one thing that people dictate to you what you should wear and what you will want to wear. Oftentimes people are taught by magazines and other things to be more fashionable. Many are made to believe that what they see in the magazines are what they truly should be.

To be more of a stylish person, you have to develop your own fashion style. The idea of seeing oneself in other people will have to be erased. To develop your own sense of style, there should be a process. There should be a sense of discovery for it is in this self-discovery that you find what your tastes are. Once the journey to self-discovery is complete, you can find what you truly want in style and in the long run, you can develop your own style.

As the late great Coco Chanel would say, “Fashions fade, style is eternal

Kathy kiefer


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