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What is Reiki Meditation?

 Is  it difficult to learn and continue to use?

Are there substantial benefits?

Reiki meditation involves the manipulation of energy flow throughout the body to create balance and facilitate healing. A form of alternative healing, Reiki meditation may be practiced with the help of another or on your own. Through the use of deep breathing and visualization, Reiki meditation can be used to remove energy blockages in the body which may be the cause of physical ailments or emotional turmoil.

The word Reiki can be broken down into “rei” meaning universal spirit and “ki” meaning life energy.    This form of Japanese healing was discovered by Dr. Usui Reiki Ryoho during a “mystical experience” atop Mount Kurama in Japan in 1922.   Reiki is essentially religiously neutral. Reiki made its way to the west by a female practitioner who then modified the original way it was practiced.

Reiki meditation is believed by its enthusiasts to provide healing in all levels of the body. As a complement to traditional medicine, Reiki meditation may help ease suffering in those who are suffering from chronic pain. It is said to be useful for those who have trouble sleeping and for those who have difficulty maintaining concentration. Reiki meditation is used to strengthen the immune system and even help lower blood pressure. It is especially useful for managing stress and creating an improved overall sense of well-being.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.   It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.   Reiki helps relieve stress, anxiety, helps to speed healing, helps relieve emotional distress and helps to balance the body.   It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve any side effects and to promote recovery.

Meditation and Reiki are a great complement to each other.   It is desirable for the reiki practitioner to meditate on a regular basis in order to be able to quiet the mind to increase their life force energy” and to easily to be able to allow the “life force energy” to flow through them.  The more “life force energy” that can flow through the practitioner, the greater the possibility for healing for the client.  The reason meditation is effective in increasing “life force energy” is due to the fact that you train your mind to quiet and release negative thoughts.    Your thoughts affect your health so it is beneficial to release those negative thoughts to do not serve you.     Negative thoughts cause a release of stress hormones which results in a stressed and anxious state, in addition to whole borage of physical effects.    When you meditate on a regular basis, you train your mind to quiet and release the negative thoughts.

Through the initiations of Reiki comes a “re-awakening,” a re-opening of the stronger healing potential that lies within us all.

In Reiki, the healing energy is allowed to flow into ourselves, and then we, acting as a vehicle through which this energy can be passed on to another individual through our hands.  It becomes natural to touch someone and allow this healing energy to flow when someone is in pain, and to assist in relieving this pain.  A Reiki treatment restores balance and harmony to the whole person, bringing about a sense of wellness.

A client remains dressed while receiving a Reiki treatment, as Reiki will go through the material, including plaster casts.   The person being treated is not “healed” by the Reiki practitioner.   The client’s healing comes from the “universal life force” that flows through the practitioner.  The person giving Reiki is not drained of their own life energy, but actually is replenished in the process.   Reiki also protects the practitioner from taking on the pain and dysfunction of another person.

Reiki can relieve pain and acute problems quite rapidly.  Chronic illnesses may take a series of treatments, depending on the specific nature of the disease.   Whatever manifests itself physically usually also has components on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.    Reiki honors the ecology of the person by working on all these levels.   Reiki goes beyond the symptoms to treat the root cause of the disease.   When we treat only the symptoms, we do not always get to the true basis of the illness.

Reiki meditation is most commonly learned from an experienced practitioner who begins the session by laying his hands upon the meditator to deliver a flow of energy. As the intention of being healed is held in the mind during meditation, this energy is magnified and delivered to where it is needed the most. The chanting of mantras may be part of the session, as well as the use of symbols to create mental pictures which strengthen the experience.

A simple form of Reiki meditation can be practiced without the help of another. One method of Reiki meditation is known as the Gassho meditation. In a basic Gassho Reiki meditation, the hands are held in prayer position as you are seated. It begins by breathing in and out slowly. On every in breath, imagine that the healing energy of the universe is flowing to you through your crown chakra on top of the head and filling your entire being. On the exhale, visualize this same loving energy seeping out of every pore of your body and out into infinity.

Your own Reiki meditation practice can also be used to send healing energy to someone who is far away. Known as distance healing, the Reiki practitioner begins with a simple Reiki meditation to get her own energy flowing. Next, the meditator visualizes the person that she wishes to send good energy to for about 15 to 20 minutes.   Imagine you are sending a healing light through another person’s crown chakra and watching the energy travel throughout her body as it balances her body, mind and emotions. If you wish to do this for another, it is believed to work best if you ask the person to allow it.

Today we generally waste our life in endless activity, struggle, aggressive competition and achievement. Meditation is the exact opposite. To meditate is to make a complete break with how we normally operate; it is a state free of all cares and concerns.

The heart of meditation — In the stillness of meditation, we return to that inner nature that we have so long ago lost in the busy and chaotic distractions our mind is subjected to each day. The heart of meditation is tobring the mind home, release and relax.      To meditate means to turn your mind inward and to rest in the nature of mind.    To release means to release mind from its prison of grasping, since you recognize that all pain, fear and distress arise from the craving of the grasping mind.     To relax means to relax your mind into your true nature, letting all thoughts and emotions naturally subside and dissolve into the state of the nature of mind.   “Quietly sitting, body still, speech silent, mind at peace, let thoughts and emotions, whatever rises, come and go, not clinging to anything”.

There are many types of meditations the three methods that seem most effective in the Western world are watching the breath, using an object and reciting a mantra.    In this simple Reiki meditation one could say one uses the last two: object in the Reiki symbols and mantra in the names of the Reiki symbols. This is a very forceful and effective meditation that gives relaxation, mental calmness, clarity, increased ability to visualize, clairvoyance, increased healing power and a wider consciousness.   It can also be used to solve problems or reach goals and it surrounds you with healing Reiki energy.

Here is how to do it:   (1) Sit comfortably, either on a cushion with legs folded or on a straight back chair. Keep your spine erect (without force). If you are sitting on a chair do not lean back. Rub your hand together and put your hands on your knees or on another place comfortable for you.  (2)  Relax and breathe slowly.  (3)  Draw the Power symbol in front of you with your whole hand. Visualize how a white or violet light comes out through your fingers as you draw the symbol in the air in front of you.  (4)  Visualize the symbol in the third eye chakra and recite its name three times. Keep the symbol steadily in your third eye.  (5)  When you feel that you have meditated enough on this symbol let it float up into a field of light above your head. Return your consciousness to the third eye chakra.  (6)  Repeat steps 3 to 5 with the Mental/Emotional symbol and the Distance symbol.  (7)  When you are finished meditating on the three symbols you will be concentrated and full of healing Reiki energy. You can now continue with the final part of the meditation where you can send Reiki to your projects, goals or healing others at a distance.  (8)  Send Reiki by visualizing or describing the object, goals or person. You can use the method you have learned or the one you feel is most suitable to you.   (9)  When finished, slowly relax and release all thoughts. Sit quietly for a few minutes and enjoy the peace.   And (10) Rub your hands together and “wash” your face with them. Open your eyes walk a few steps and feel how refreshed you are.

Kathy Kiefer


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