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What is Dahn Yoga?   Is it true Yoga or is it a cult?

Dahn yoga is a Korean physical exercise system.

In Korean, dahn means “primal, vital energy,” and hak means “study of a particular theory or philosophy.”

  It has been described as exercises that are “a blend of yoga, tai chi, and martial arts exercises.”

While most other forms of yoga originate in India, Dahn Yoga is a modernized version of ancient Korean mind-body practice. Rather than focusing on a strict set of poses, Dahn Yoga incorporates a wide variety of mind-body exercises that help practitioners develop their personal health and well-being.

Dahn Yoga focuses on the development of the body’s core strength as the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual health by teaching practitioners to trust their body’s natural wisdom. Dahn Yoga does not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow. Thus, people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels may participate comfortably.

Though many people assume that yoga may be difficult and complex, Dahn Yoga quickly reveals the simplicity of unique approach for strengthening the mind-body connection.

Dahn Yoga is “energy” yoga and Dahn Yoga focus on strengthening the lower abdomen, the body’s center of energy, for calming and centering oneself. Though rigorous and invigorating, Dahn Yoga features simple exercises, dynamic stretching and relaxed postures.

While contributing to strength, flexibility and feelings of well-being, Dahn Yoga takes one on a revealing journey into oneself. With practice, those who explore Dahn Yoga can happily reforge the link between their minds and bodies.

Dahn Yoga includes a unique emphasis on the connection of the brain to health and well-being. Dahn Yoga has “three unique characteristics”: “the mastery and use of energy”, “enhancing the body-brain connection”, and “self-managed, holistic health care”. The practice draws upon traditional notions of ki, also known as chi or qi. A typical class begins with what is called “Meridian Stretching” exercise, which is believed to stimulate the energy in the body. After these stretching exercises, practitioners normally follow a sequence of postures.

Traditionally, the discipline of yoga has been used to help people meditate. Dahn Yoga meditation helps the practitioner develop healthy balance of relaxation in body and mind.  As practitioners develop greater body awareness and ability to relax, their level of concentration deepens. Dahn Yoga meditation accelerates this process by shifting the focus away from busy thoughts to the physical sensations of the body.

When you focus your awareness as you move your body, you can clear your mind and connect with a deeper part of yourself—the part that gives you the power to make the changes you want. Dahn Yoga meditation addresses the connection of the mind and the body by way of the natural energy, Ki, or Qi (Chi).

Energy is a defining element in Dahn Yoga. You can change your life by changing your energy, because energy is the source of everything. Practitioners develop a deeper understanding of their body and mind through various energy awareness and energy building exercises. They regain true mastership over their body and mind by learning how to manage their energy effectively.

A principal goal of Dahn Yoga health is a balanced life. When a person is sick or injured, they usually go to a doctor, who will care for their body. If they are anxious or sick at heart, they may go to a counselor to manage the feelings bubbling up within them. Neither situation is more expedient than the other, since the body cannot survive without the mind and vice versa. The Dahn Yoga health perspective is simply to integrate these two aspects of health.

The essence of the Dahn Yoga approach to health is holistic. Practitioners learn to cast off the stressors and resulting tensions of everyday life and find new energy and vitality.

Many studies have associated certain yoga disciplines with either improved concentration or better bodily health. Dahn Yoga’s health practices address both. The key to balancing mental and physical life lies in unblocking the flow of Ki (energy) through the meridian channels that crisscross one’s being.

By opening Chakras and points along the meridians, and circulating cold energy to the head and hot energy toward the feet, the Dahn Yoga health approach enables practitioners to experience an unexpected state of wellness.

Korea has a rich history of holistic healing and mind-body practices. Dahn Yoga integrates Korean Taoist philosophy and the holistic principles of the Korean Oriental Medicine tradition. A healthy person has a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The understanding of life energy, or qi, is fundamental to this concept of health, and it is about the awakening your brain.

From the very beginning of the tradition of this practice, the importance of the brain was emphasized. The practices for the brain in Dahn Yoga ranges from sharpening focus to developing the creative potential of the brain. Dahn Yoga helps you to achieve this mostly through practicing its key element: energy. By developing your capacity to feel energy, you can quiet your mind, sharpen your focus and awaken the dormant part of your brain, and by becoming one with the natural flow of energy, you can unleash the natural wisdom and insight about how things work in a deeper level of reality.

Some of the steps Dan incorporates toward the awakening your brain include: (1) Physical health, enhanced focus and awareness; (2) Enhanced adaptability and creativity, more resilient mindset; (3) Positive outlook, self-confidence, emotional well-being; (4) Living with core values, balanced, integrated lifestyle; and (5) Realizing the power of choice, authorship of one’s

Dahn Yoga teaches practitioners to trust their body’s innate wisdom and does not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow the basic exercises. Rather than focusing on a strict set of yoga poses, Dahn Yoga incorporates a wide variety of mind-body exercises. Thus, people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels may participate comfortably, and at their own pace.

It helps you create positive lifestyle changes.     As you learn how energy works in your body and experience the transformative power of energy, you naturally become more mindful and start applying the energy principles in your everyday life. It leads to positive lifestyle changes such as adopting healthier eating habits or quitting smoking. The holistic, self-reliant nature of Dahn Yoga inspires you to constantly improve your quality of life.

Brain Wave Vibration is promoted as a mental and physical health enhancement technique.  Brain waves are a type of vibration that has a significant effect on a person’s health and outlook on life. A form of moving meditation (head-shaking), the technique was described as “By shaking your head and vibrating your body, you bring healing energy. You just need to close your eyes and turn your head right and left, right and left, focusing on the center of your brain and keeping a rhythm. Afterwards, you feel very rejuvenated!”

Practicing Dahn Yoga, mindfulness meditation, stretching, deep breathing and other holistic health pursuits can reinvigorate the body while putting the mind at ease. But how much can yoga instruction cost?

At its heart, Dahn Yoga concerns itself with the reconnection of the mind and body, as well as the redirection and redistribution of the body’s life energy, called Ki, along the physical self’s proper meridians.

In this way, yoga practitioners can find a little peace, solace and spiritual connection to the community around them. Because they add value to an already invaluable system of being, Dahn Yoga coupons offer the chance to get so much for so little.

 Kathy Kiefer


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