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Have you ever asked the question, “Why is health and fitness important?” If you have, then it means that you have started to become aware of the importance of health and fitness in your life. Most people are unmindful of the question until they experience signs and symptoms of various ailments. They then start to engage in some type of exercise and diet plan. They find it difficult to cope with exercise as they have left it too long and their symptoms get the better of them. It is therefore important to start your health and fitness regimen as early as possible. There are several good reasons you need to know the answers to “why is health and fitness important?” You must understand that the body is primarily designed to be agile and mobile. Living an inactive and sedentary life is unsafe to one’s health. Being immobile and stationary may lead to serious diseases and even death. But I’m sorry to say, the world we live in today is conducive to a sedentary life. The downside of technology is that it affords people to do things conveniently. You can either do things sitting comfortably or standing still.

90bacefc-8912-451e-ad02-47a8a7e1a7f9The body parts are not used as they should. What is the result? Health and fitness takes a backseat, and worse, suffers. Consider this: instead of walking a few blocks, you take the cab or your car. You sit in the couch and simply press the remote control to switch on and off your television or change channels. You are content to get in touch with your family and friends via the internet rather than physically going to their place or even walking a few miles. While all these bring much convenience, there is a disadvantage to your health and fitness. You do not move your body as you are supposed to be moving. It is no wonder that you will experience pains in your joints and muscles as a result. Health and fitness is certainly essential to ensure not only your physical being, but also your mental and emotional well-being. When you are healthy and physically fit, you do not only feel good but you also look good and can handle your daily routine better. When you feel better about yourself, you look at the world in a different perspective. You do not mind too much about the negatives and instead you tend to focus on the positives. It does take a bit of discipline and determination to stay fit and healthy. It is important to think about the downside of ignoring your health and fitness as you will surely suffer in the future. Fortunately for you, technology is also making it possible to bring you all the activities and resources that will uphold your good health condition and physical fitness. No matter what the answers are to question “why is health and fitness important?” it is all up to you to choose the answers that suit you best. What is physical fitness? A condition or state of being that helps you look, feel and do your best. It is the ability to do tasks full of energy, and still be able to do other things with your time, such as schoolwork and activities with family and friends.

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It is a basis for good health and well-being. Fitness involves performance of the heart and lungs, and the muscles of the body. Fitness can also influence how alert you are and how you feel emotionally. Exercise is an important part of a lifetime of good health! Exercising is also fun and is something you can do with friends. Regular exercise provides both mental and physical health benefits. One of the great things about exercise is that it can improve your mental health. Regular exercise can help you feel less stressed, can improve your self-esteem, and can help you to feel ready to learn in school. Kids who exercise may also have reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. Exercise can also improve your overall mood. Did you have an argument with a friend? Or did you do poorly on a test? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk will make your brain produce chemicals that will make you happier and more relaxed than before you started working out. What if you’re having trouble sleeping? Again, it’s exercise to the rescue! Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and help you sleep deeper. A good night’s sleep can improve your concentration and productivity in school the next day. Another great thing about exercise is that it can keep your body healthy. Kids who exercise often have a healthier body weight than kids who don’t exercise. Exercise makes your bones solid, improves your heart and lungs, and makes your muscles strong. Exercise can also affect specific diseases that affect adolescents and teens.

New research shows that teens who exercise regularly (about 60 minutes of brisk exercise each day) burn more calories and use blood sugar more efficiently than teens who don’t exercise. This could protect you from developing type 2 diabetes. Why should this concern you? Well, in recent years, a lot of health problems that doctors saw only in adults are now seen in young people. For example, 15 years ago type 2 diabetes was rare among adolescents, but now it accounts for almost 50 percent of new cases of diabetes in young people. In fact, type 2 diabetes used to be called ‘adult-onset diabetes,’ but the name was changed because so many young people were developing the disease. Here is something else to consider: children and adolescents who are overweight are more likely to become adults who are overweight. If you start good habits (like daily exercise) when you are young, you will be likely to continue them when you’re older. New research shows that exercise during the teen years (beginning at age 12) can help protect girls from breast cancer when they are older. Also, regular physical activity can help prevent colon cancer later in your life. The more time you spend in front of the television or playing video games, the less time you have to be active. Not being active is called sedentary. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause weight gain and even obesity, which can lead to type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol fitness-gym-wallpaper-bhxna92slevels, and high blood pressure. These three health issues can hurt your heart and make it easier for you to get certain diseases. Make physical activity a regular part of your life. It can help you protect your health! A health club (a/k/a fitness club, fitness center, and commonly referred to as a gym) is a place which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. Most health clubs have a main workout area, which primarily consists of free weights including dumb bells, barbells and exercise machines. This area often includes mirrors so that exercisers can monitor and maintain correct posture during their workout. A gym that predominantly or exclusively consists of free weights (dumbbells and barbells), as opposed to exercise machines, is sometimes referred to as a black-iron gym, after the traditional color of weight plates.

A cardio theater or cardio area includes many types of cardiovascular training-related equipment such as rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes and treadmills. These areas often include a number of audio-visual displays (either integrated into the equipment, or placed on walls around the area itself) in order to keep exercisers entertained during long cardio workout sessions. Most newer health clubs offer group exercise classes that are conducted by certified fitness instructors. Many types of group exercise classes exist, but generally these include classes based on aerobics, cycling (spin cycle), boxing or marital arts, high intensity training, step, regular and hot (Bikram) yoga, Pilates, muscle training, and self-defense classes such as Krav Maga and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Health clubs with swimming pools often offer aqua aerobic classes. The instructors often must gain certification in order to teach these classes and ensure participant safety. Some health clubs offer sports facilities such as a swimming pools, squash courts or boxing areas. In some cases, additional fees are charged for the use of these facilities. Most health clubs employ personal trainers who are accessible to members for training/fitness/nutrition/health advice and consultation. Personal trainers can devise a customized fitness routine, sometimes including a nutrition plan, to help clients achieve their goals. They can also monitor andimages (1) train with members. More often than not, access to personal trainers involves an additional hourly fee. Newer health clubs generally include health-shops, snack bars, restaurants, child-care facilities, member lounges and cafes. It is not unusual for a sauna, steam shower or wellness areas to be present. Health clubs generally charge a fee to allow visitors to use the equipment, courses, and other provided services. A fairly new trend is the advent of eco-friendly health clubs which incorporate principles of “green living” in its fitness regimen. Have you ever thought of the consequences of being unfit? Staying fit is the quintessential factor in our life. Today most of the health disorders are a result of an unfit body and bad food habits. Problems like body ache and muscular pain are the most common consequences of sloth lifestyle. Inadequate exercise leads to weight gain and obesity. Lack of physical activity is mainly responsible for many health complications in children and youngsters. To prevent these health troubles, a proper fitness regimen is utmost essential for everyone.

A regular fitness regime helps in improving the overall health of an individual. The good effects are gradually evident on indulging yourself in regular exercise. A brisk walk for half an hour and free hand exercise can keep you fit. It enhances blood circulation and improves immunity as well. Only you must be regular!

Boosts Energy – It’s very simple to understand! Feel the difference after working out or after a session of yoga. You shall feel rejuvenated and energized throughout the day. Contrary to this, if your lifestyle is sedentary and lethargic, you will feel tired and sluggish the entire day. Therefore, be energetic! Weight Reduction – This is the main advantage of being fit. Working out regularly is one of the natural weight loss methods. You can burn extra calories, which is definitely healthy for the body. You will also remain in shape. Therefore, weight reduction is one of the important benefits of physical fitness. Strong Build – Staying fit with regular workouts and muscle building make your bones strong. People suffering from backache, shoulder pain, etc. must be regular with certain exercises. If followed sincerely, the pain is bound to reduce. You must know why fitness is important for improving muscular strength. Mental Strength – A fit body is not only physically strong but mentally strong a well. A combined routine, including proper exercise and diet, have a positive effect on brain function. It elevates flow of blood to brain and enhances one’s memory. It also keeps you mentally strong. You might also like to know some of the components of physical fitness for improvement in mental health. images (3)Personality Development – Staying fit makes you look good. The more you indulge yourself in to healthy habits, the more you improve your overall look. This increases your confidence level and grooms your personality. You feel fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day. You mood remains happy and optimistic too. Importance for Kids – Kids of the present generation are fonder of computers. They can sit for hours before a computer. As a result, there’s no physical activity. If muscles and bones are not properly nourished at this tender age, they fail to grow completely. Engaging in outdoor games like, basketball, volleyball, football and swimming help them to stay active. Today childhood obesity has gained rapid momentum. This is mostly due to sedentary lifestyles, eating fast foods and lack of physical activities. If the body is properly treated, such disorders at an early age can definitely be avoided.

It’s good to observe that teens are extremely conscious of their health. Those who still haven’t started a fitness regimen, kindly take up one at the earliest! The activity of hormones gets triggered that causes an increase in weight and the appearance of pimples and acne over the face. Change in build and look often cause embarrassment. But, you can always control gain in weight if you are into regular exercise. Aerobic exercises and yoga are vital to keep your body fit. These exercises also make muscles strong. Impose self-restriction on diet. Avoid foods rich in fat and cholesterol. It’s always wise to substitute a burger with an apple!

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