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Why is it important?   Do I really have to like getting an education no matter what age I am? ?   How or why will an education help me as I grow?

Education is empowerment in many ways. It has the power to eradicate ignorance, poverty, and make individuals become independent because of their career choices. In life’s supermarket, we are encouraged to take education seriously because it affords us to be self-reliant.   This is the basic understanding of education. But what is the power of education? Before modern man was able to organize his mind to form various levels of civilizations, he was nurtured by earth. Nature weaned him in the recesses of her caves. His mind was disorganized, and his ways were wild as the beast of the fields. For thousands of years, he was dissatisfied with his condition.

Why are some people well off and others drown in poverty? How does some people seem to get all the breaks and others can get a fair shake? Do you ask yourself these questions? I did for a while until I learn the power of education.

If you can pick up a book, read a website, and learn all that you can about a certain topic, it is the start of changing your circumstances. People are lazy and will do anything to avoid stretching their minds by reading. If it’s not on TV or on the radio they avoid it.  Most people want information spoon-fed to them and will not take steps to work for the information that can change their lives.    Maybe it began in school. Having to read “boring” textbooks and listen to a teacher drone on and on about a topic that you will never have to see again in real life may be the culprit. Or maybe it’s the easy access to television and radio where entertainment is more fun that reading a book. Unfortunately this mindset leaves the individual woefully unprepared for life, and left behind when it comes to good fortune. Instead of getting a great job or starting a business, life is spent slaving away as a grocery store clerk or fast food worker. Jealousy and bitterness sets in against those who have while they have-not. It seems that the haves get all the breaks but that is the case for a very small percentage of people. The rest of the haves get where they are because they take the time to study, read, and work hard to create their ideal life.

Education does not mean you have to go back to school and suffer through theory classes, it simply means you pick up a book and read. It means you take a course that interest you and will help you advance. It means that you become curious about the world and stop waiting for someone to hand it to you.    Everyone has the opportunity to become educated. You may not always get a degree for your labor, but you get something far more valuable; hope. With your education, determination, and ambition you can reach all of your goals. Instead of being a person who whines and complains about what you don’t have, you begin planning a way to get a better job, home, and savings account.

With the internet there are no excuses for not learning and being educated. There are so many free educational resources online that it would take years to go through them all. If you need to learn about finances, how to fix a faucet, or create a website, it’s all there. If you need to learn or brush up on your computer application skills, learn about investing, or how to start a business the tools are available. What about learning how to improve or repair your credit so you can buy a house or car? All that information is available online.

The more you know the more powerful you are to change your world. There is no excuse for not being the best you possible. Now is the time to change your life, regain the power you have given away because you are waiting for someone else to fix things for you, and get what you know you deserve. So what are you waiting for?

Man, the pupil learned the ways of nature. His instincts were impeccable; his understanding of the senses given to him was his only hope for survival. He then understood the power of education. Though nomadic and fickle in thought, he withstood harsh winters and unsteady storms. His resilience was embedded into his identity. His passion to survive marked his identity. Fate and Providence etched into his mind a longing hope to excel higher above all the creatures in the fields.   His mind explored new horizons, forging new paths for generations to come. This is the power of education. For us to survive as a top species; we have to return to the basics of living. We have isolated ourselves and our thoughts from true wisdom. Today’s man depends solely on self-only. It’s not until we are faced with dilemma and calamity, then we realize our true inner potential.

Education will continually be defined and restructured as mankind’s concept of living and life evolves. Generations will continue to reshape paradigms and as they do so education will be re-defined into a new concept.

Proper speech and grammar will expand your horizon in knowing what is being said, or what is being read. The more words you understand, the more meaning you can get from what is being said by anyone. This leads to a snowball effect. As you understand more words and vocabulary, you can then increase your ability to speak. And as you increase your ability to speak, you will then be able to share your knowledge with other people in a more clear and concise manner. You will gain educational power and be able to pass that education on to others.  As your vocabulary expands, you will see the meaning in even very complex writings.

Education will further eliminate guessing in life. The elimination of guessing is an important thing. Here is some reasons why:  (1) You don’t get taken advantage of by crooked business people; (2) You are not deceived; (3) You can better predict the future; (4) You can know when to back off and let someone make a mistake; (5) You can prevent fatal harm to those you care about; and (6) You can better support yourself and/or your family.

And there is so much more! By continuing to increase your education and you will better avoid being blindsided by unexpected and tragic events. Imagine if you knew everything there was to know about building a home. You knew how to check for a good foundation, if the home was sturdy and would last, if there were any potential problems. You would see maybe 10 years down the road that the house you are going to buy is going to crumble because of its weak foundation. Part of educational power is preventative maintenance for not having many of a slew of problems even occur!

Getting an education enhances your life and others around you. To further progress your talents and knowledge to better serve others is a very worthwhile cause. Of course a good reason to get an education is to increase your own power. There is nothing wrong with that. But that is not the whole reason. As you build other people up and gain their respect, you are further benefited as you now have influence with others. And the greater your education, the greater the people you have influence with. This can lead to some very worthwhile and world changing endeavors!

What kind of world changing endeavors you ask? How about some of these: (a) The coordination of D-Day in World War II; (b) The construction of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River; (c) The creation of the Declaration of Independence; and (d) The first space mission to the moon.       But there are many others that fit here. All these efforts were the immense and collaborative effort of highly educated people. I believe this is just scratching the surface of what human-kind can accomplish if people become educated and work together.

Getting good grades alone is not a worthwhile cause. Getting good grades with the proper educational instruction is. This kind of instruction requires educating those who are growing up in elementary, middle, and high school in a way that helps them discover their purpose in life, allowing a broad education, and focusing on the individual talents and interests of the individual. It would have loved to learn about the internet when I was in school. Or how to make a simple web page. At that time nobody had a clue or knew anything about it!  Now it is much more accessible.

Getting good grades alone is a flawed system of learning. It says that if someone has a good memory and just puts in hours and hours of work, then that is how you get rewarded in life. Wow, does that just miss the mark or what! It leads people to mindlessly think that being a doctor or a nurse or spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a profession they think will pay well is what should be done. It causes problems by taking away proper reasoning in people. In some cases, sure, go get a PhD and become a doctor – go for it! But only if it is your passion and where your talents lie. A proper education is a lifelong learning process that brings one to do what is best for themselves and others.

Homework alone is mind numbing, and provides minimal excitement or purpose.  Oh the drudgery of doing math problems over and over. You are told that your grade will depend on how many you get right.   I see no reason for mindless homework, in any area. Mindless homework doesn’t help bring out the individual, as it is a way to keep them busy. Of course, this is not the case in all situations. There are some very dedicated teachers out there – I believe the system in general is flawed and old fashioned in many places.

Many resources are available online. Let me rephrase that. There are millions of resources available on the internet that will help increase your education.    I believe in self-improvement for youngsters all the way up to the grandma who has a hard time finding the on switch to her computer.    Not only that, there are many online courses and excerpts available to look at. I would encourage the visitation of online websites and the judgment of those viewing the websites to draw their own conclusions about whether the site being visited is worthwhile.

Continuing education is important. Each and every day, learning and understanding new things, or increasing your understanding of existing things will help you understand and predict situations more completely. Continuing education is accomplished by using the best resources out there and also by using your brain. Going to college at a university is a great way to continue your education. But more than that going to the university for the right reason, with the right purpose will further cement the gains received by going. Read the best books available about the subjects you are learning about. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know when you don’t know.  I am not afraid to learn and speak what I do know, and learn more about things that I know very little about. I am very excited to keep on learning, improving and becoming an all-around better person and I know it is something in today’s world that many people could do as well.


Kathy Kiefer


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