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There are many ways of decorating a home for Thanksgiving. The season provides us with all the necessary material for decoration. Think fallen branches, colorful foliage, gourds and pumpkins as material for home and Thanksgiving table decorations.

GOURDS – Gourds can be used as decorations in so many ways. From vases to candleholders you can transform gourds to your own purposes and decorate indoors as well as a porch with them. A group of small gourds can make for a great centerpiece or a welcoming festive porch decoration.

CRANBERRIES – Use cranberries and other fruit and plants to fill empty vases and bowls, decorate a Thanksgiving wreath or create a centerpiece. Cranberries can also be used to create dimensional decorations that will also make for great Thanksgiving table decor.

FOLIAGE – Foliage is a great Thanksgiving decoration and can be used in abundance. Hang it from the ceiling or use it in garlands to bring the festive spirit to the house. Leaf wreaths look great and are quite easy to make.

CORN – Corn is another vase-filling material that can bring color and texture to your Thanksgiving table decor. Use corn ears to create more decorations like candleholders, or even in arrangements to be placed on the front door.

Set the mood for your holiday celebration with creative decorating ideas for Thanksgiving, including centerpieces, place settings, indoor fall wreaths, and more.   Many Thanksgiving decorating ideas consist of natural elements and easy-to-find supplies to ensure a beautiful seasonal display. For a handmade Thanksgiving centerpiece all your holiday dinner guests will adore, there are many ideas, from fruit-filled displays and trays of gorgeous gourds to candle collections and natural centerpieces with flowers and leaves. Mark each spot on the table with an easy Thanksgiving place card, ensuring that you control the seating arrangement on this holiday. To round out your decor, use the best of nature by using gourd and pumpkin decorating ideas for Thanksgiving. An interesting way to gather Thanksgiving decorating inspiration is from home tours, and fall mantel ideas gives you a sneak peek into real homes to see how they celebrate the holiday. Still not sure how to decorate? Get personalized decorating ideas for Thanksgiving featuring fall centerpieces, wreaths, and more that fit your style and skill level — for free!

Thanksgiving decoration ideas are as abundant as the many blessings that we have in our lives. It’s simply about giving thanks and enjoying time together.

As you decorate for Thanksgiving, begin with your front porch. What better way to say “welcome” than with beautiful outdoor Thanksgiving decorations.  Your family and guests will appreciate the splendor of the season.

Message board – As family or guests arrive for Thanksgiving, have them write what they are thankful for on a paper leaf and pin it up. This frame was constructed using a linen-covered foam core and an old frame. Cut paper leaves from old books or scrapbook paper in different fall shades.

These crafty and creative do-it-yourself Thanksgiving decorations make creating your own Thanksgiving decor simple and fun, and these fall decorating ideas are easy enough for your whole family to join in. Whimsical, homey, upcycled and frugal, they’re the decorations you’ll go back to year after year.

Pretty little burlap leaves would be gorgeous on a garland. Or use a felt marker to write names on them for place cards, tie them around candlesticks, or scatter them across a mantel. Whatever you use these cuties for, the ideas are endless! If you love autumn leaves, try another nifty craft for plaster-dipped oak leaves.

Little acorns are easily made from scratch. Repurposing old plastic Easter eggs, these little guys are also pretty green, at least for our earth! Any festive fabric would do for the covering, so recruit your troops and put together a handful or two. Arrange them in a bowl, use them to fill a vase, or scatter them around on a holiday buffet for a natural, seasonal touch.

When it comes to centerpieces, vintage wooden spools offer a novel way to display dried leaves or branches. (If using fresh flowers, seek out spools with hollow cores wide enough to accommodate floral tubes.) What is the vessel that contains our loose arrangement of dahlias and pomegranates? It’s a ceramic utensil holder.

Craft the cheapest candlestick ever: A $2 roll of jute twine from the hardware store! Pop a taper inside, then set it atop a plate.

Pomegranate Centerpieces – Ripe fruit is as lush as any flower. Here, you can use opulent pomegranates for these autumnal centerpieces. Cut each branch to a height that allows its heavy fruits to rest on the rim of your vase. Then fill in with inexpensive foliage, such as the purple shiso leaves.   Using apples or persimmons also works well.

Crabapple Arrangements –   What is the best thing about this sort of arrangement? There’s absolutely no arranging involved.  Simply strip the leaves from each limb before putting it in a vase. This treatment highlights the prettiest feature of the plant is its fruit. Try grouping several different-size vases for even greater visual payoff. The same thing could be done by trying figs or chestnuts.

Asian Pear Arrangements – Cut or buy these beautiful branches long, then balance their heft with an equally sizable container. Start by placing your tallest cuttings in the middle, and fan out with the shorter ones from there. An ideal home for such a striking setup: a low piece of furniture, like a chest or bench.     You could also try making arrangements by using forsythia or olive branches.

For favors sure to spark conversation, turn acorn caps into adorable mini-candles by filling them with melted wax and inserting short wicks (allow one hour of cooling time). To assemble a complete glow-on-the-go kit, stash the tiny lights, plus a few matches, in a wood box tricked out with a striker, a.k.a. a strip of sandpaper glued to one side. The final touch: Personalize the lid with a sweet frame stamp and a handwritten note.

Go beyond the typical autumn tropes with inspired dishware. This beautiful dinner plate features classic seasonal colors, like orange, yellow, and green, and plenty of foliage as well. But it also incorporates blowsy flowers and surprising shades of soft blue and peachy pink—which inspired the look for the table scape. You can top off each dinner plate with a smaller white dish and a sprinkle of paper-punched confetti leaves.

Let nature take its course with a DIY leaf runner. Crafted from lush blue and green felt, this table topper perks up plain linens and provides a padded path for hot plates. Download a leaf template and use it to cut the shapes out of felt. Create enough leaves to traverse your table, then hand-stitch the edges together in a whimsical, overlapping design.

A feather lends a place card fine finish. More than just a way to denote seating arrangements, this pretty plumage doubles as wearable art—thanks to a bar pin hot-glued to the back. Make the quill stand upright by hot-gluing a magnet to the side of a cork, then sliding the place card between the feather pin and cork magnet. As for the gorgeous handwriting, calligraphy can do the trick.

Not all DIY front-door decor requires a foam wreath form. To make an elegant cluster, select 8 four- to six-inch pinecones and 8 two-foot-long pieces of silk ribbon. Use a hot-glue gun to adhere the last two inches of each ribbon to the base of a cone. After the glue dries, collect all the ribbon ends and stagger them so that the cones fall at varying lengths. Tie the ribbon ends together in a knot, trim the tips so they are uniform, and slip the knot over a finishing nail.

Stamp a message and design on cardstock, punch holes on either side, and thread with a coordinating ribbon to create custom napkin holders. If you have children around and they would like to help, they may enjoy stamping colorful messages and designs onto napkins before guests arrive.

These are such simple ideas, but oh-so-frugal and easy for all ages to do – a great way to keep fingers busy on Thanksgiving morning! Plus, candleholders and vases filled with seasonal items will make any home smell and feel festive.

Kathy Kiefer


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