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Or is it a year round deal?

Do symbols of Love apply only around Valentin’s Day?

Love is a beautiful thing… Many people when in love, offer symbols of love to their partner to express their love. There are many ways to express love to someone; symbols can often help people to express their love. Through the ages there are some love symbols that have stood the test of time. Take for example the heart, this symbol has been around for a very long time.

Love symbols can also be symbols that are not widely known today.   If you want to be in love you can place a symbol near you that helps you focus on attracting love in your life. You can even meditate with this symbol in mind, and it will help you attract the love you want. There are as many ways of loving as there are people in the world. The same holds true for love symbols. I have found that there are just as many symbolic expressions of love as there are people to love. Love symbols profoundly assist us in describing the often elusive emotion that consumes us when considering love itself. When we think of love, we can easily become overwhelmed by its vastness. Love symbols help us capture a small portion of what love means so that as we grow, our comprehension of love may also grow.

Rather than define love, love symbols take us on a journey of expression. In identifying these various symbols, we are able to see more clearly into the varying depths of the emotion.   When we focus on a particular symbol, we then gain a deeper knowledge and are able to express ourselves in the arena of love more clearly.

Love symbols can also take us on a fun ride to express ourselves, when you give a symbol of love, you are expressing deep emotions.   These emotions are often more easily expressed by using a symbol of love.   In a way, love symbols help us clearly express how we feel about other people.

What are symbols of love? Flowers can be a symbol of love.  A song, a gift, or a piece of jewelry can be symbolic of love. A verbal commitment is a symbol. Early on a verbal commitment or a phone call might be symbolic of interest. When the relationship is more serious we might consider promises and verbal commitments as symbolic of emotion,

What are Love Symbols? Love symbols help us to describe our hidden emotions which we cannot otherwise portray. Love is vast. So, how to express this vastness becomes an issue for us. Here comes the use of these love symbols. Though small in size (in general) they easily pass on our thoughts for the moment to our beloved. Actually, love symbols are the mediums to accelerate love and make life worth living.

With the passage of days, our definition of love may change colors but you will find symbols to signify all these meanings of love. We express our love with the help of love symbols more lucidly than we ever could with words.

The Swan: Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting, apparently monogamous relationships. In Greek mythology, the story of Leda and the Swan recounts that Helen of Troy was conceived in a union of Zeus disguised as a swan and Leda, Queen of Sparta. This ancient symbol dates back to the times of when the bible was written. The Swan is also known as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and The Swan represents the Virgin Mary’s purity and love.

Heart- There is a famous line, “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.” A heart through which a cupid’s bow passes is a famous symbol of love. The arrow is rumored to have diamond tips.

All the cultures accept heart as symbol of not only love but also joy, charity and compassion. The heart in our body is said to be the seat of love and the veins of the heart are attached to the third finger of the left hand in which wedding rings are worn. This belief and tradition is age old. Even Alchemists and Magicians used this symbol while dealing in love issues.

Rose- When we say “I love you” to someone the picture of a red rose automatically comes to our mind. Proposals are incomplete without gifting a red rose. This flower symbolized love, peace and forgiveness.

There are 72 different colors in which roses are available. Each color denotes a different emotion. On Valentine’s Day (14th February every year) the florist’s shops are flooded with red roses. If you have a sweet-heart then you should consider yourself lucky that you can present someone with this amazing love symbol.

However, be careful not to allow any thorn hurt your heart-beat while you present him or her with the flower.

Cupid- The word Cupid in Greek means desire. In some renowned paintings cupids are shown blindfolded to highlight the fact that love is blind. It is said that when Cupid strikes individuals love blossoms.

Isn’t it amazing to think logically why people fall in love? Well! There is no definite answer to this question. It is believed that Cupid (son of Goddess Venus) strikes the arrow and people fall in love. It is believed that after Cupid strikes the arrow people fall in love with the person they see first. On Valentine’s Day centerpieces, cards and paintings of Cupid are sold in plenty punching a hole in the pocket of many lovers.

Harp- The harp is a very old musical instrument and symbolizes love. This is associated with music, art and poetry. The harp has a mythological connection with Celtic civilization.   This is supposed to be the bridge between the heaven and earth. In Norway and Iceland, the harp means higher form of love which leads to paradise.

Herbal Aphrodisiacs- From time immemorial the herbs and spices with delighting tastes and mesmerizing aroma have been believed to be catalysts in increasing sexual desires. These have the power to arouse lovers. The natural aphrodisiacs do not need any prescription. Some simple herbs available in natural surroundings in abundance are believed to accelerate love. There are six such herbs which are believed world-wide to ignite love and passion. Why not experiment these and relish the outcome?

The Maple Leaf – In China and Japan the Maple Leaf is an emblem of lovers. North American settlers used to place the Maple leaves at the foot of their beds to ward off demons and encourage sexual pleasure as well as peaceful sleep. Also in North American, the stork can be observed weaving Maple branches in nests – as such, the Maple became a symbol of the love found in welcoming a new child in the home. Just as the sweet rich sap produces Maple syrup so too does the Maple leaves serve as a love symbols as they depict the sweetness and wonder of love in everyday life.

Kathy Kiefer



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