View archeological evidence supporting ancient alien intervention on Earth

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View archeological evidence supporting ancient alien intervention on Earth. Explore the evidence of advanced civilization influenced by Ancient Aliens in “prehistoric times.” Historians and archeologists have conspired to ignore evidence which conflicts with their Darwinian evolution of man. They theorize that man evolved from beasts. Ancient Alien theorists believe that Ancient Aliens altered man’s DNA.  The arheological evidence that contradicts the Darwinian theory has been hidden or dismissed. They have rewritten history and hidden any evidence to the contrary. Learn about lost civilizations and the archeological evidence that supports advanced civilizations whose knowledge and technology have been lost or remembered only in myth. Detailed Indian accounts of Vimanas as well as Ancient Alien tales of the Sky People from the Hopi Indians.

Antient Alien Technology, Pyramid of Giza, Sphynx

Is this just a eglomanic’s tomb, or is it an energy source for Ancient Aliens?  The pyramid was the tallest building in the world for four thousand years.  According to traditional historians Pharoh Khufu began building the Great Pyramid in about 2,550 B.C. as a tomb.  About 2,300,000 limestone blocks were used to build the Great Pyramid.  On average each block weighed about 2.5 tons to 15 tons. The largest stone in the Great Pyramid weighs 400,000 pounds.  Each side of the base of the pyramid is 755 feet.  They were origonally 481 feet (147m.)tall, however today they stand at 451 feet, (138 m.)The four corners of the pyramid align with the four cardinal directions of the earth. The second pyramid at Giza was started by Khufu’s son Khafre in about 2,520 B.C.  Khafe also built the Shpinx.  The third Pyramid at Giza was built by Pharaoh Menkaure in about 2490 BC.  But no bodies have been found in these pyramids.  What were the pyramids used for?  Did ancient aliens give these kings the technology to quarry and move these block into place.  Was it ancient alien technology which allowed the stone cutters to make such precise cuts on these megalithic stone?

Ancient Alien technology, Egyptian lightbulbThe Dendra Lightbulb
This egyptian drawing was found in the Egyptian temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt.  Archeologists and Egyptologists have know about this relief for many years.  They explain this photograph as a symbolic representation of a lotus flower.  That is one enormous lotus flower!  To most anyone born in the 21st century this relief resembles a lightbulb complete with filament.  King Solomon, the wisest man in Biblical times, said after all his travels, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  This is just one piece of evidence that this advanced Egyptian civilization was more advanced than academia is willing to admit.  The alternative is to think that this civilization valued the lotus flower so much that it was a job to balance it on your head.  Which scenerio is more absurd and less scientific?  This is not the only relief depicting a “lightbulb” image.  Look at the following reliefs.

Ancient Alien technology, ancient light bulb
Ancient Lightbulb or gigantic potted lotus plant?  Before you decide, look at the person who is sitting with what appears to be a paper in their hand to the right.  On the left there is a cross like image that looks like an electrical pole.

Ancient Alien technology, relief of a lifht bulbIs this ancient alien technology?
Here is a similar image with more detail on the base of the bulb.  Ironically, this bulb resembles the flourescent energy saving bulbs we use today.

ancient alien technology, ancient light bulbThis is the same relief as the first, showing both lightbulbs.  The second light bulb is held up by an image that looks more mechanical.  There is a figure kneeling on the ground supporting the light bulb with their head.

An actual photograph in one of the Denderah Temple cryptsThis photo taken from Ancient illustrates that the four images behind the goddess Isis are lamps.  The tall vase-like image is the energy or power source  The beads connect each of the lamps to the power source conducing electricity to each.  Did ancient aliens interact with the Egyptians giving them electricity?  Was this ancient alien technology forgotton for thousands of years, like the pyramids?

ancient alien technology, bagdad battery
The Bagdad Battery – Ancient Alien Technology
These terracotta pots were found in Mesopotamia and are dated from the first or second century.  These pots are different because they have a copper sheet rolled onto a cylinder which fits into the pot.  When an iron rod as shown is placed into the pot with an electrolyte solutions such as an acidic fruit juice, the pot is a functioning battery.  Copper and iron are pairs which conduct the movement of electrons.  We use similar technology in our “copper top” batteries.  This find was ignored until 1938 when the director of the Museum began to study the pots and their contents.  When Wilhelm Konig found finely gold plated artifacts, he put two and two together and surmised that the batteries were used for electroplating.  Hidden in this story is that scholars know that the ancients were electroplating jewelry and artifacts. How indeed did they accomplish electroplating without some form of electricity?  Did ancient aliens give them is knowledge.

ancient alien technology, ancient earth clockThe Antikythera Mechanism
This device is a recreation of a mechanism found in 1901.  The device , the first computer, was recovered from a shipwreck.  The Greek device is dated from 150 A.D.  At the time of recovery, the device was so corroded that salvagers had no idea what they had found.
Professor Edmunds of Cardiff University who studied the device reported, “This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind. The design is beautiful, the astronomy is exactly right. The way the mechanics are designed just makes your jaw drop. Whoever has done this has done it extremely carefully … in terms of historic and scarcity value, I have to regard this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa.”

ancient alien technologyThis is a photograph of one of the gears of the Antikythera mechanism.  In total 82 fragments were recovered including 30 bronze gears.  The largest gear has 224 teeth.

Ancient alien technoloby, monlithic stones at BaalbekMegalithic Stones at Baalbek
Archeologist found the largest carved stones in Baalbek, Lebanaon.  The biggest of the stones weighs nearly 1,300 tons.  This rock was quarried and carved, and moved over a kilometer. The average weight of the stones at Baalbek is 750 tons.  They are carved with a precision which we would struggle to duplicate today. Ancient alien theorists suggest that either some type of antigravity device or some use of harmonic resonance was used to lift these stones to transport them and put them in place.

tulum-ruinsThe Mayan Pyramids at Tulum

I got to visit the pyramids at Tulum, Mexico.  Our guide was Mayan and had both a personal and professional interest in the pyramids there.  He saw clear signs of achasetronomy in the design and buiding of the pyramid of the moon.

The Pyramids are a Mayan Calendar represented in their architecture and orientation.  Tour guide Manuel explains the Mayan calendar, culture and significance or the astro-archeology at the Pyramid of the Moon at Tulum.  The pyramids are a testiment to the technical knowledge these ancient peoples attained perhaps from ancient aliens.

ancient aliens, ancient alien technology, 20,000 year old nano technology
Ancient Alien Metal Works
Found near Ural, Russia these spiral shaped metal objects defy explaination.  Hundreds of these objects have been found ranging from 1.2 inches to 1/10,000 of an inch.  These spirals are 20,000 years old.  The biggest spirals are made of copper, while the near microscopic spirals are made of tungsten or molybdenum.  These metals are primarily used for hardenting steel.  This ancient nano technology remains a mystery.

Ancient AliensAncient Aliens History Channel
Go to the home of the History Channel’s tv show Ancient Aliens. The site contains information on Ancient Alien theory, evidence of Ancient Aliens author of “Chariots of the Gods” Erick von DAniken, videos and photos.  Find out more about the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series.

conspiracy, conspiracy theories, conspiracies, the mother of all conspiracies Alien UFO pictures
Make sure to scroll down to get to the site’s intriguing pictures and information.  Find pictures of the Dropa stones as well as a summary of the tiny hieroglyphics written on them.  Explore ancient aliens depicted in Dogon artwork.   View pictures of UFOs depicted on  petroglyphs made by ancient indians dating back over 6000 years ago.

Ancient Alien Evidence

Sumerian Artifacts
Artwork depicting ancient aliens. This site focuses on the oldest known culture, the Sumerians.  This civilization, dating back to over 6,000 bc, attributes its origins to the Annunaki.  The Sumerians thought of the Annunaki as Gods who came from planet X more than 30,000,000 miles away.

Ancient Alien technology
The Truth Behind the Scenes
Information on Ancient Aliens and so muh more.  Find out if Aliens built the pyramids and if they are still living among us.  Huge collection of Ancient Alien videos and the History Channel series.  Do not miss this site.

ancient alien technology, alien evidenceAncient Skyscraper
Excellent site with detailed information on ancient technology.  This site incorporates flash images and is a must see for the visuals alone.

UFO, UFO evidence, Ancient Airplane

Ancient astronaut theory.  Information on the  Anunnaki, the Sumerians,  the Moai of Easter Island, ancient Incan Airplanes, the Nazca lines, the Battle over Nuremburg, the Dogan tribe of Africa, the Piri Neis Map of 1513, Puma Pinku, and much, much more.

UFO, UFO evidence, Ancient airplanes

Boasts the most Ancient Sumerian artifacts online.  Check out this site to see ancient aliens depicted in Sumerian artwork.

UFO, UFO evidence, dropa stones

World Mysteries

This site covers the Aztec calendar, Baghdad battery, Celtic Cross, Crystal skulls, Alien skulls, Nazca lines, Riri Reis map, Shroud of Turin, Antikythera device, and Voyrich manuscript.

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