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What is alternative healing?

Is alternative healing?

What is alternative healing used for?

Alternative Healing may be defined as any method of healing that varies from traditional Western Medicine practices. Many of the healing techniques that are accepted and effective in other countries have not yet been adopted in the Western countries. For example, Herbology is standard in Germany, and Acupuncture is widely practiced in China, but neither is fully accepted as yet by Western Medicine. This atmosphere is changing, however, as a growing number of Western doctors are starting to realize that some of their patients are healing faster and more effectively when they do utilize these other methods (in spite of frequent objections by their doctors). Increasingly, Western doctors today are at least tolerating their patients’ use of Alternative Healing, and some are actually recommending them. Many people are now educating themselves as to the variety of healing methods that are available to them and are combining the best of both worlds.

Holistic healing is a form of alternative health care that integrates the whole person in the healing process: body, mind, emotion, spirit and life force (chi) energy. It is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes natural healing techniques and remedies, such as herbology, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, homeopathy, Reiki, muscle and tissue massage, chiropractic, Zenith, color and sound healing, chakra balancing, and many others.

A major focus of holistic healing is the involvement of the patient’s personal desire, intent, and follow-through in the healing process. Accordingly, holistic healing is as much dependent upon self-healing as it is upon the direct treatment by a practitioner. Patients are encouraged to eat a balanced diet, exercise, get adequate rest, utilize stress-release techniques, express themselves in some form of creative endeavor, gain and maintain a positive self-image, and become involved in spiritual activities of some sort.

Below are descriptions of some holistic healing methodologies that have proven to be effective in alleviating stress and bringing the body, mind, emotions and spirit into balance. It is in such a state of balance that healing may occur.

The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” The ancient Hindus discovered that are seven major energy wheels spinning along the spine, matching every major nerve or endocrine center in the human body. The chakras, when blocked, make us feel sick or out of balance. If the blockage continues, the imbalance can lead to illness. Chakra balancing and cleansing helps to bring the chakras back to their normal functioning and the body back into balance and harmony with the All.

Acupressure is based on the same principles, points and meridians as acupuncture. This ancient Chinese technique involves the use of finger pressure (rather than needles) on specific points along the body to treat ailments such as tension and stress, aches and pains, arthritis, etc. By applying focused pressure on a point on a meridian, the associated muscle is compressed much like a sponge and blood is sent rushing into the tissue as the muscle lets go of its tension and stress. This process also clears the blockage of energy in the meridians, promoting health throughout the body, stimulating the body’s immune system, and promoting the release of endorphins. During an acupressure treatment, the patient remains fully clothed, suffers no side-effects from drugs, and experiences a totally safe and relaxing session.

Foot and Hand Reflexology is based on the scientific knowledge that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all areas of the body. Disease is created by stress. Reflexology reduces stress in all parts of the body by generating deep, calm relaxation. By applying direct pressure to points on the feet or hands corresponding to stressed body areas, the tension is reduced and there is a resulting physiological change in the body. Stress and tension also restrain the cardiovascular system and restrict blood flow, resulting in sluggish circulation. By reducing the stress and tension, Reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally and easily.

“In the beginning was the word – – -”

Everything, including the human body, is composed of various frequencies of sound energy. All things in nature vibrate to sound, light and color. Knowing that the human body is energy that is held together by sound, sound healing can correct imbalances in the body. A disease tells us that some sound within the body is out of tune. Each sound has a corresponding color. When sound and color healing techniques are used together, particularly when they are connected with chakra balancing, the effect on the body can be profound.

Color has been used in healing since ancient times. There are many ways that it may be used to help and heal diseased people.   Each color corresponds to a certain body area or organ. As an example, red is a powerful color to invoke when the patient is experiencing a blood dysfunction, whereas orange may be called in to vitalize a sluggish kidney, etc.   A common form of color healing is for both the healer and    patient to visual the sun’s rays shining through a colored glass or filter onto the location of the discomfort or illness.   Another method is for the patient to drink water that has been sitting in appropriately colored containers. When connected to sound healing and chakra cleansing/balancing, color healing may   be doubly effective.

There are a number of types of energy healing, but they are all based on the principle that universal energy can be harnessed and directed to specific areas of the body, mind, emotions or spirit that are energy-deficient, thus experiencing dis-ease. “Zenith” is a form of energy healing that directs Etheric Light and Color to release energy blocks from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, bringing the individual into a higher state of awareness and aliveness. The human body holds thought patterns and emotions that are often a storehouse for unmanifested fears and desires. When repressed and unexpressed, these emotions and thoughts may lead to stress and illness. Through direction of vibrational color and light, Zenith Energy helps to release these stored cellular memories, diminishing stress and enhancing balance, clarity, and health within each of the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of the individual.

Educational Therapy is therapy provided to a student who needs to improve in educational skills. Each student is evaluated to determine individual needs. An Educational Therapist may assist the student in such areas as phonics, reading, spelling, writing, mathematics, study skills and/or developmental skills. The focus is to assist students in achieving skills commensurate to their potential ability and level of function. Achievements may be limited by cognitive ability, neurological function and/or emotional distress.

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