HERBAL REMEMEDIES: Dry extract of Horsetail + Nettle = Gold for bones, teeth, hair, scars … and not only these…

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                                  Dry extract of Horsetail + Nettle = Gold for bones, teeth, hair, scars … and not only these…

Dry extract of Horsetail contains organic acids, minerals (especially potassium and silicon), glycosides, tannins, flavonoids and isoquercitina. The beneficial effects of this plant have been known since ancient times: the Roman physician Galen recommended it to his patients for its diuretic properties.


Horsetail is primarily used as a diuretic. Its features make it a useful remedy for cellulite, water retention and drainage of the urinary tract. For this reason it is often used as an adjuvant for cystitis and for the health of the prostate.


The high concentration of minerals present in horsetail make it a valid and useful tool for demineralizing, and in the strengthening of nails, hair and bones. That is why natural medicine is recommended for use in case of osteoporosis, and in the case of nails or brittle hair.


Known for its slimming and anti-swelling effects, horsetail also stimulates collagen production, toning of the tissue andurl1 wrinkle-free skin. Diuretic, cleansing and toning, horsetail also helps to eliminate waste and toxins that promote overweight. Here are some guidelines for how to use it.

Effective: The horsetail has a diuretic action, thanks to the presence of flavonoids (isoquercitina, kaemferolo, but fifteen different types have been identified) enhanced in their action by mineral salts, that make the plant particularly suitable in case of swelling due to fluid retention, cellulite and cystitis. In particular, the silicon contributes to eliminate metabolic waste (urea, uric acid, nicotine etc.) with a detoxifying effect. The minerals present in the dry extract also stimulate the production of collagen, the substance that makes tissues; it prevents the formation of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.


Suitable especially when following a weight loss program and you want to get results quickly and avoid losing tone. Also it has been proven very effective if you suffer from fluid retention, cellulite, as well as swelling of eyes, legs and ankles.


Rich in silicon, magnesium salts etc., horsetail can be used for demineralizing treatments in order to counteract some of the most common problems that are typical of pre-menopausal and menopause, such as osteoporosis, weakening of hair and nails, slowing of metabolism, aging skin, and loss of tone in tissues.


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Nettle dioica-2-Known for its irritant properties, but its extract is a blessing for the well-being of the body,    as well as is highly stimulating, purifying and diuretic. It has properties similar to the saw palmetto which benefits prostate health. It has an interesting property to maintain a good level of free testosterone and activity.

The main effects shown are:

It maintains free testosterone by binding to SHBG
• It inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT
• Can prevent benign prostatic hyperplasia
• It can prevent hair loss
• Hypoglycemic Action
• May affect anti rheumatic
• Anti-anemic property
• Diuretic

Constituents of nettle include: acetylcholine, histamine, formic acid and Gallic, carotene, vitamin C, chlorophyll, tannin,infuso-ortica_ng1 potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, silicon.

Has been used successfully in alternative care: for the hair, treatment of diabetes, anemia, edema, sciatica, rheumatism, insect bites, psoriasis, skin care, hives, menopause, bed wetting, and epistaxis.

Preparation: You can mix the decoction or macerated horsetail to macerated nettles for more comprehensive action.

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