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Over the course of the last several years, I somehow managed to pick-up infections that resulted in being hospitalized, resulting in surgery and intravenous antibiotic/medication regime.   Two different times the infection was severe enough to require the loss of a toe on each foot. I wish to make one thing abundantly clear, at no time do I ever walk around without anything on my feet, except when taking a shower.   It has been a mystery as to how these infections happened, no real definitive answer. I should also stress that if one is prone to any problems whether or not you have an underlying medical condition (i.e., diabetes, neuropathy, Crone’s Disease, Parkinson’s, etc.) never ignore even the slightest cut or wound, seek treatment right away before things get worse. If you ignore the problem, it may result in the loss of a limb or even your life.

After several years of not having any sort of medical problems/issues, early in the year (2015) I was faced with a health crisis. I somehow got an infection in the lower portion of my right leg spreading into the right foot, I got myself to the emergency room at the hospital (which was not easy to do with a swollen and painful foot). Upon examination and cultures, I learned that I had a serious infection in the lower portion of the, with a temperature of 100-101 degrees as well I was   being admitted to the hospital and would need to have surgery.

So the following day, I had the first of what would become three surgeries.   The first surgery consisted of my orthopedic surgeon having the open up the foot and basically clean out and drain the foot of the puss and as much of the infection as possible. Also to see if there was a way to save and reconstruct the foot. A few days later I had the second surgery in the attempt to do repair work and any additional cleaning out of the wound area.   It was determined as a result of this second surgery that the infection had gone in much deeper than first thought and would need to have the limb amputated below the knee. So I was scheduled for the 3rd surgery two days later to have the amputation performed on the lower portion of my right leg.

Things went rather well with the third surgery, but has not been easy to readjust to a new way of life minus   part of a limb when one is use being more independent and not dependent on others.

Kathy Kiefer



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