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Pozzuoli becomes more beautiful, large maneuvers recovery of archaeological sites,

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Pozzuoli becomes more beautiful, large maneuvers recovery of archaeological sites, the historical center, and the tourist areas and the city’s cultural flegrea.

12282907_10205722712682186_1589201419_nPozzuoli near Naples, cleaned the necropolis on Cells: new intervention of CityHall.

Pozzuoli has completed the recovery of the necropolis on Cells, which appeared again covered with weeds. After few days of work and with the help of mechanical tools, the remains of the ancient settlement Roman funeral.

“These operations of intervention in the city’s archaeological sites are  now customary – explains the deputy .  Workers are regularly engaged in the various settlements on the city territory and we try to keep them clean but unfortunately, due to lack of staff of the Superintendent, can not be visited. ” Discovered in the thirties, the necropolis on Cells consists of mausoleums, burial chambers and columbaria made between the first and second centuries after Christ and destined to collective burials at multiple levels. It is located along a stretch of Via Consularis Puteolis-Capuam, where it engages the way to Naples.

Evidence: “The Necropolis of Via Celle, Pozzuoli, Italy (Naples).

<< The Roman necropolis dating from between the first and the second century AD, is located along the stretch of the street12277037_10205722712642185_1583573648_n Consularis Puteolis-Capuam, where it engages the way Puteolis-Neapolim. Burial area was discovered a group of fourteen mausoleums funeral, called columbaria, already surveyed and investigated in the ‘700, while the first regular excavations dating back to the thirties of the last century; but only in the sixties he proceeded to clear the entire group of buildings along the east side of the road. To these monuments you add a building interpreted as collegium funeraticium, (association whose members are of modest means, joining, could inexpensively make a decent burial) characterized by a rectangular plan built around a courtyard in the center of which was erected a mausoleum . To the north of the courtyard there are two environments, while to the east and south is a corridor porch on two floors, along which, in the north wing, you have a number of service areas on two levels; while, in the Northeast, a small courtyard with cistern, provides access via a staircase to the upper floor, which has the same floor plan of the lower one. The southern arm of the corridor leads, then, to a rectangular open to the street, decorated with marble on the walls and paved with a mosaic of black and white. To the side walls of the room they are placed against the balconies, under which open the arcosolia relevant to a later phase of use, host inhumation burials of late period such as those found in the environment. >>

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