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I am an American journalist, but also a passionate woman of fashion, social and cultural behaviors. Yet I often wonder why many products fair well only in Italy, and not nearly as well abroad? Does the marketing loose something in translation to a new area?

Is it because certain lines and certain innovative ideas can only be found and created by Italian stylists?  Do they know something others can’t begin to understand or fathom?

It appears that it may be a cultural thing, or a matter of production.   Where I have found that many of the products that come from Italy are have a higher quality of workmanship/craftsmanship with a fine attention to detail and are handmade, that is sorely lacking with similar products found elsewhere. Many craftsmen from Italy have had their trade passed down through many family generations. And the results are excellent. It’s a slowly dying craft.

I see that all over the world craftsman that attempt try to mimic the high level of quality and the innovative concept of the Italian style & design, especially the Chinese, but with poor results.

I have seen that the latter invaded the markets with products and quantity but with low quality but especially with low intrinsic value of the product. Many have cut costs and used inferior materials in the production of their products in an effort to pass them off as something they are not.   The consumer will pay the price for a lesser quality in an effort to keep up with current fashion trends.

What is the intrinsic value of the product?


This parameter showed great Italian fashion houses, creating quality and brand reputation, especially the history that accompanies all the evolutionary process of a brand, adding to its value.

I have recently discovered a new Italian brand. 43°11° accessories,   A fabulous product created to make a valuable, and yet at the same time, a trend accessory such as a bracelet or a chain. This type of product is well made, of the highest quality with fashion and stylistic design effect and refined.  This brand uses high quality Silver, precious stones such as amethyst, tiger eye, silver bracelets, leather, python, set in magnificent frames made in the urban Hipster style, in all their creations and designs. The resulting product stands out above the competition.

Kathy Kiefer


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