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The countdown is on! Time to check gifts off the list and start wrapping things up.  Find stocking stuffer gifts, colorful Christmas gift baskets, and unique Secret Santa gifts that will keep them guessing.

RegaloRossoAre you ready to welcome Christmas? Do you have any idea about the latest Christmas trends that are presented for the next year? It seems that your answer is NO and this is why we are here to bring to you the latest and hottest Christmas trends for 2015 to help you to know how to decorate your home for welcoming this happy occasion. In fact, most of the ornaments and decorative items that are used for decorating home for celebrating this happy occasion are usually the same every year but there are simple changes that are presented every year and these changes include colors, materials and a diversity of ways that are followed for arranging ornaments whether it is in your Christmas tree or other spaces that can be decorated in your home.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone were the same? If we all had the same color of skin, hair, eyes, etc., and we were all built just alike? Imagine if we all wore the same clothes, drove the same cars, sounded the same, and even smelled the same. The world would be so uninteresting! Thankfully, the world is filled with people of all shapes and sizes who have individual tastes, thoughts and beliefs, and that is what adds character and color to an otherwise bah-humbug…people didn’t want run of the mill items to place under the tree, but ordinary items were all that could be found. It’s no wonder people become so frustrated with shopping during the holidays!

Countless people around the world unite and celebrate Christmas every year. This is the most awaited celebration of each and

every one of us. The holiday season is soon to arrive and everyone is already preparing for this special day. Like the angels, shepherds, and wise men in the past, the excitement and anticipation does not and will never wane. Make this date unforgettable to you and to others by sharing the love, the joy and the warmth of this special day. 

We all look for the ideal Christmas gift. It’s a quest that takes some of us longer than others. Here at, we take a lot of the guesswork out of finding the right gift. We provide a place full of possibilities for everyone. We feature a variety of Christmas gift ideas from large to small, frugal to extravagant, and simple to grandiose. Yet, all of them have one uniting aspect — to make this Christmas season the most memorable.

Who says shopping for Christmas gifts has to be complicated? When you know the person whom you are buying for, what gift you’re getting becomes less of a mystery. Nowadays, people buy gifts for more than just family. The list can include friends, co-workers, classmates, and neighbors. Some even buy gifts for those they don’t know by participating in a charity gift drive or a secret Santa gift exchange.

An easy solution is just to pick up a gift card for a local or online general merchant. It’s nice, but doesn’t necessarily have the same appeal of a package that you don’t know what is inside. We carry gifts at this website that are meant to stand out and be cherished and remembered. We specialize in showing unique Christmas gifts for everyone. From tiny stocking stuffers to gifts that are too large to fit under the tree, we have it all. Additionally, we have a multitude of decorations to make your holidays festive and enjoyable.

If you have a pet, they should be remembered at Christmas as well.   They are a part of the family also.   They would love to receive a new water bowl or food dish for Christmas as well as new toys chew on or play with.

Avoid the bah-humbug shopping experience and that bored reaction from your gift recipients this holiday season and forget about those generic gifts on the seasonal aisle at your local five and dime.

Of the Month Clubs to Warm Your Loved One’s Heart: Choose from a wide variety of monthly club subscriptions and present your loved ones with gifts that bring them holiday cheer throughout the upcoming year. With fruit gifts, gourmet food gifts, dinner gifts, cigar gifts, and even gift cards of the month, the right monthly subscription is right here!

Personalized Gifts: Nothing makes a gift more unique than to personalize it with the name, special quote, or touching sentiment that makes your loved one smile.

Jars of Notes:
Beautifully decorated jars of notes are filled with personalized messages that your loved one can open anytime he or she needs a special life throughout the year.

Experience Gifts: Enable your recipient to experience something he or she has always dreamt of like a hot air balloon ride, flying lessons, a scenic cruise, or even a massage. With thousands of experiences to choose from in a variety of price ranges you are certain to find the right experience for your loved one.

How giving experience gifts can create memories that last a lifetime.

While the tangible gifts (such as gift baskets, clothing, and books) will never go out of style, the Christmas season has a new player in town; experience gifts.  Experience gifts can be big like a hot air balloon ride to cross off your bucket list or learning to fly a helicopter, or small like a picnic in the park together or tickets to a baseball game. But one thing’s for sure, there is a perfect experience gift for every one of every age, and for every budget.

Create Exciting Holiday Memories: Think outside the box this holiday season and consider giving your teen a gift thatbrizzolari_6807x-pacchetto-rosso creates exciting memories that can be cherished for years to come. An experience gift is the perfect solution. With thousands of different experience options in a wide variety of locations, you are certain to find the perfect adventure for your teen. Choose from things like hot air balloon rides, skydiving, city tours, and much, much more.

Get Personal: Just like anyone else, teens love having their own name on their belongings, and even the most finicky of teenagers will love having a gift that is made especially for them. Choose from personalized shirts or hoodies, coffee mugs, jewelry, or even custom photo frames.

With a wide variety of music gifts, we’ve got something for every teen on your list this Christmas. Check out items such as built-in headphones and is compatible with your tween or teen’s iPod, or consider a portable multimedia player that features a top loading CD/ DVD tray and a 7 inch television screen. Other ideas to think about?    How about music?lessons plus ways to create their own music?

Whether you are Daddy’s little girl, Dad’s special son, or a mom who is in search of the perfect gift for that special dad in your life, there are many fantastic choices.


Pocket Watch: Remember all of those times Dad showed up early for your school plays, sports games, and other activities? And how he never missed a beat when it was bedtime, suppertime, or the game was on TV? Show your dad or someone who is like a father to you how much you appreciate his timeliness with a personalized pocket watch this Christmas.

Cigars: An excellent Christmas gift dads who tend to enjoy an occasional cigar or the cigar enthusiast in your life, the cigar gifts at are smokin’ hot this year.

Experience Gifts: Give Dad that experience he’s always dreamt of with flying lessons, golf lessons, sky diving, race care driving and more.

Fake Magazine Covers: Feature Dad and all of his accomplishments on the cover of a fake magazine.

Personalized Glasses: Deck the man cave this Christmas with personalized beer glasses.

Surveillance System: Encourage Dad to keep his eye on you (like he needs any extra encouragement) with a home surveillance system.

Portable TV: Now Dad can watch the game no matter where he is with a portable TV.

Jars of Notes: Give Dad a sentimental jar of notes filled with your most heartfelt messages this holiday season, and show him how special he really is. Many moms’ would also like a special gift like this as well.

Personalized Photo Frame: Remind Dad of those special times you’ve shared throughout the years with a personalized01-pacco rosso photo frame. Don’t forget to insert your favorite photo for an even more special gift. Remember mom with a foto of a special memory in such a wonderful way.   It   would mean a great deal to her also.

Coffee Center: Dad will look forward to waking up to his favorite specialty coffee drink this winter when you present him with a new coffee center.

Handmade items.   Parents would love to show case something that you made with them in mind be it a homemade potholder, a picture or something of your own creation.   One thing I remember giving to my brother and nephew is hot wheel cars; they still are popular and unique toy today as well as a remote controlled car.

If you’re unsure of what to give it’s a perfect time to be creative and use your imagination in creating a gift for that hard to pleased person in your family.   It means a lot that shows you put a great deal of time and thought behind your gift. And the recipient will appreciate it that much more.


A variety of new sweaters and shirts have arrived! There are great apparel in both misses and plus sizes and most of our tops also come in additional colors!

Velvet is definitely the fabric for winter and a Velvet Cowl Neck Sweater is perfect for season! The sweater has a flattering waterfall hemline and relaxed cowl neck. This beautiful top comes in Navy and Black and is selling fast!

The Beaded Tunic is a piece that is sure to make a statement. The beautifully beaded scrollwork design instantly updates any outfit and the longer hemline makes it appropriate to pair with leggings. Choose an elegant combination of gray with silver beading; or if you are feeling bold, go for the red with black trim!

Fringe on clothes is a huge trend for the season and a Fringe Poncho is both stylish and functional. This layering piece can also be worn around your shoulders. It’s rare to find a button down poncho, and this one comes in both burgundy and black!

This holiday season; don’t forget to add some sparkle to your outfit!  The long sleeves sequin hemline tunic looks flattering on all shapes and sizes.  You can dress up this top by pairing it with a festive skirt or a pair of velvet draw string pants.  You’ll have a smart holiday look that won’t take a lot of time or effort to pull together. Ladies You can’t go wrong this season with a sequined mesh top with sparkly sequins and gorgeous georgette hemline.  This festive top is comfortable enough to wear all day, and the twinkling sequins give it a polished look.  It goes well with casual or dressy pants.

But always put time and thought into the gift you a looking to give that special person. Nothing is more embarrassing then to grab a gift only to have it refused, rejected or returned. The only trend these days     that I am not sure about is the hoverboard.   While it is growing in popularity amongst young people, it doesn’t appear all that safe.     If someone in your family is asking for one, use good judgement before purchasing it.   There should be no accident that happens as a result of getting a gift that appears safe, when it really may not be.     Just like giving a pet as a gift just because a youngster may want one.   They need to be responsible in taking care of the pet and taking good care of it. And not grow tired of it after a few days. Also giving a youngster a gift that is popular or that many of their classmates and friends have is no reason to give in to their desires and demands.   They really have to truly want the item and show that they can be responsible in taking care of their gift and be grateful for what they have received (and hopefully not turn into a spoiled brat).

Kathy Kiefer