Tiffany: + 25.8% profit and renew the NY flagship

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The jeweler Tiffany stores the second quarter with profits of $ 144.7 million, an increase of 25.8% compared to the same period of 2017.

In the three months ended July 31, revenues amounted to 1.08 billion dollars, an increase of 12%. The biggest growth concerns the Asia-Pacific, the second most important market, which recorded a + 28%. In Japan, Tiffany scored a + 11% while in the Americas (first market) the increase in sales was 8%. Europe is at the bottom with a 5% increase (-1% in comparable stores).

In the quarter, earnings per share were $ 1.17, while analysts expected $ 1.01 and a turnover of 1.04 billion.

The listed company in New York has revised upward the earnings estimates for the fiscal year end (January 31, 2019), which now rose from 4.5-4.7 dollars per share to 4.65-4.8 dollars . The forecast is based on a hypothesis of revenue growth at a rate between 5% and 9%.

Commenting on the results, CEO Alessandro Bogliolo recalled that Tiffany is preparing to renovate the iconic New York flagship building, on the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, open since 1940. In granite and limestone, with influences Art Déco and steel doors, is characterized by a bronze sculpture depicting Atlas carrying a watch on the shoulders (in the picture).

Work to create a new luxury shopping experience for brand loyalists should start in the spring of 2019 and finish in the fourth quarter of 2021.

During the renewal, Tiffany will temporarily expand the retail area in the adjacent space, formerly Niketown (6 East 57th street). The planned capital expenditure is equal to a percentage between 1% and 2% of annual revenues for three years, from the fiscal year that begins on February 1, 2019 (approximately 250 million dollars, assuming revenues in line with last year exercise, amounting to $ 4.2 billion).

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Transcribe an article of my italian correspondent  Alessandro Sicuro,

That web marketing expert and web business

New York pushes on the social dimension of fashion. Waiting to know which new parades model will arrive from the Big Apple, from the American city of the weight signals arriving decided that, in any case, will have the hashtag. And the numbers are, indeed, impressive. According to the site Stylight, during the past year, it was shared around 31.6 million images on Instagram with the hashtag #nyfw. A flow which, however, does not take into account the post activated without entering the official hashtag. In confirmation of the strength of the new media, the CEO and co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel, interviewed Monday by a journalist from The New Yorker, he has indicated the publishing directions during a conference of The Association of Magazine Media. Traditional text content, according to the manager, are unattractive for those who sail through smartphones. “We prefer a storytelling visual rather than textual, that’s why we always start a story with a video. You can learn more by reading the text, but in the last year, we found that the video storytelling is very much appreciated. ” Spiegel advises magazines also not to change its DNA, in favor of the expectations of millennials, but rather to maintain the integrity of the identity of titles because readers are attracted to the brand.

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919489_10151732965286363_1548741135_o ACCESORIZING FOR THE HOLIDAYS

Use accessories with sparkle or shine to make outfits more festive. Choose one or two bold items to elevate your look. And have fun accessorizing! The holiday season is a wonderful time to dress up and highlight accessories you may not wear on a daily basis.

If you were invited to a holiday party this season and don’t have time or the money to go out and purchase a new dress, look to accessories to add some holiday spirit to what you already own.  Not only are accessories cheaper than buying a whole new outfit, but you don’t have to worry about dressing room meltdowns; jewelry usually fits.   You can even use many of my tips to take daytime dresses into proper evening wear.

Investing in a collection of accessories makes sense for both fashion-conscious shoppers and those with limited budgets.   Accessories let individuals create several different outfits simply by adding carefully selected jewelry, shoes, purses or accent pieces. This is useful during the holiday season when people need an easy way to transition from day to night wear, or want to update an existing look without having to purchase new clothes. These traditional ways to accessorize outfits transform and expand basic wardrobes for the holiday season.

Choose focal pieces, instead of over-accessorizing. Think bold instead of quantity. Try chandelier earrings, bold cuffs, multi-layer necklaces and cocktail ring, but not all at the same time. A good rule of thumb is not to put items too close together on the body. Instead of big earrings AND a big necklace, try big earrings and a cocktail ring.

Scarves are versatile and functional accessories that add a touch of color and warmth to a holiday outfit. These simple pieces of
fabric eliminate the need to search for coordinating jewelry and fit any body type. A printed scarf draped over the neckline dresses up a casual T-shirt, while a long, skinny silk scarf adds texture and panache to a dress. Scarves made from wool and silk blends work well in colder weather because they keep the body warm without adding excessive layers of clothing.

If you are larger in stature go for bigger pieces. Don’t wear anything so small that it simply gets lost on you. Conversely, if you are smaller, don’t wear pieces that are so big, it looks like you are drowning in decoration. Save that for the tree.

Just like red and green are colors to avoid at Christmas, resist “seasonal accessories” which include but are not limited to, ceramic reindeer or turkey pins, Christmas tree and candy cane earrings, mistletoe brooches and pilgrim hats (unless you are in a school play). Buy timeless, beautiful, interesting jewelry that will last you throughout the year with oodles of outfits, not just for November and December.

A faux fur vest is a fall wardrobe staple that works with a variety of looks. Unlike a coat that completely covers up an outfit, a vest adds a touch of warmth while letting the beauty of the ensemble shine through. Those who want a sophisticated look wear a faux fur vest over a slim turtleneck or fitted dress, while people who prefer a bohemian appearance pair the vest with a flowing skirt and boots.

One of the challenges of dressing for the holidays is finding accessories that stand out among layers of dark, bulky clothing. Chunky necklaces do just that by adding a pop of color to traditional holiday shades of black and gray. The secret to wearing statement pieces like cluster or collar necklaces is sticking with a single piece of jewelry that coordinates with the outfit. A cluster of silver beads around the neck, or a cascade of rhinestones draped over a collar, instantly perks up holiday flare.   Choose focal pieces, instead of over-accessorizing. Think bold instead of quantity. Try chandelier earrings, bold cuffs, multi-layer necklaces and cocktail rings — but not all at the same time. A good rule of thumb is not to put items too close together on the body. Instead of big earrings AND a big necklace, try big earrings and a cocktail ring.

Look to statement necklaces to add some glamour to any dress you’re thinking of wearing.  Right now these types of bold, chunky necklaces are really popular and perfect for evening.  Imagine how ready for a holiday party your little black dress will look with some bling around your neck.  Right now layering necklaces is one of the hottest trends.   If you’re bored with a string of pearls, try adding a second blingier necklace into the mix.  Additionally, it’s all about the bib necklace and there are tons of sparkly bib necklaces out there that look like they cost a fortune, but don’t.

Shine (metallic, patent, embellishment) is always good for dressing up an outfit and going from day to evening. Leave the beat-up leather boots or shoulder bag you wear every day to the office at home.

When in doubt about how to accessorize a dress for evening, go for metallic, silver or gold, your choice.  Not only does a pair of sparkly shoes and handbag make a dress look after-five appropriate but metallic will match whatever color your dress is.  You can go all metallic with a bag and shoes or just choose metallic in one or the other.  After the party, use these metallic accessories to liven up jeans or take a suit from desk to dinner.

Knee-high and ankle boots are holiday wardrobe staples that accent both dress and casual outfits. They add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit and keep feet warm while consumers complete their holiday shopping. Ankle boots with embellishments like rhinestone studs or fur cuffs bring interesting detail to holiday dresses. When wearing boots, consumers need to aim for a balanced look between the boots and the clothing. They create a monochromatic look that slims the figure by pairing leggings, skinny jeans, or opaque tights with boots in the same color, or break up the pieces by opting for contrasting colors or neutral shades.

Another way to add some excitement to a holiday dress is through brightly colored shoes.  This strategy works well if your dress is in a neutral shade, like black, navy, brown or grey.  However, you can also add shoes in a bright color with a colorful dress if you want to color block your outfit.  If you really want to be festive, try wearing a pair of red shoes to your little black dress.  A great way to say holiday without going overboard.

Tights are a terrific accessory because they are inexpensive and available in a plethora of colors and patterns to complement any look. They keep legs warm in cooler weather and pull together the pieces of a holiday outfit. Opaque tights provide coverage that lets people wear skirts and dresses during the holiday season, while sheer tights let bare skin show through for a dressier look. In addition to the type of coverage, holiday dresses must consider how the tights’ colors and patterns look with the outfit. Tights with patterns as well as complementary colors break up monochromatic color schemes.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bag change to get a dress ready for a holiday party.  Grab a fun clutch with some sparkle or that is in an evening fabric, like satin, to elevate your dress for evening.  Like statement shoes in a bright color, a bright colored clutch is another way to add some festive feelings to your outfit in small doses.

When it comes to accessorizing for the holidays, a little goes a long way. You don’t have to go crazy with too many dressy details. Even if you choose one place to add a little shine, you will be well on your way to looking festive at your upcoming event. Try at least one of these accessorizing tips and you’ll be sure to shine.

My mother has been a source of style inspiration my entire life and helped to spark my love of vintage and stylish clothing. The best advice she gave me is that elegance is timeless and to wear what I love. If you love what you are wearing, it shows – elegance suits everyone!  I find it useful when I go out, I am always properly coordinated, with whatever I wear.

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Holiday fashion trends for the winter holidays concentrate on luxury and sparkle.

Keeping up with the styles and trends can be exhausting and sometimes even impossible. Plus, with the holidays coming up, fashion becomes even more important. Many first impressions and holiday meet and greets require you to stay up to date and even ahead of the curve in regards to fashion. Your little black dress may be your staple piece to fall back on (we all have one) but this season, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and be adventurous.

First and foremost, just because your little black dress is a dress, doesn’t mean all of your go to pieces need to be dresses. Try pairing straight legged pants with an exciting top littered with sequins. Make sure to balance the outfit out; the pants should be matte and your shirt should be sparkling. Navy, red and gold sequined shirts are the most favorable because they don’t go over the top, such as pink sequins shirts do. On that note, your little black dress is a classic for a reason: its simplicity.

Don’t overdo your sequined shirt by pairing it with feathers or rhinestones, or you run the risk of being that girl who “tried WAY to hard”, and no one wants that.

It’s no wonder women approach the holidays with dread: trying to coordinate outfits, gifts, travel and parties can overload even the most organized woman.
Instead of trying to match up dressy separates, try a little black dress this season. Not only is it universally flattering, it will take you to almost any event in style. Just add accessories and you’re set. Your hair should look uncomplicated as well. Opt for sexy half-up/half-down styles or pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Keep your makeup simple, but special: sometimes all it takes is a great red lipstick to dress it all up!

The Little Black Dress is being replaced by red. Vibrant, emotional and sensual, it is no surprise that red is competing for the new black. It is also perfect for the holidays! However, you don’t want to look like Mrs. Claus, so take the same principles you apply when wearing your little black dress, less is more.

You have also heard of “winter white”. Don’t forget about it this season! White is also holiday ready, reminding us of snowflakes, snowmen, winter wonderlands and other holiday festivities. White is the most fun because it can be accessorized easily and you can have a lot of fun with it. Pair up chunky all white sweaters with some long gold necklaces and bangles and a shimmery scarf for the ultimate winter outfit!

Holiday chic is festive and an excuse to dress up big time. If you can find something in your drawers and / or closet you can save time and money so panic, shop your closet. These trends have been around for some time and continue to be strong for the upcoming holiday season.

Florals (garden motifs) grounded in black are very “in style”. Florals were hot this summer and continue to be popular this winter. If you want to have a trendy look this holiday season, wear something floral. A major statement would be a floral dress but a floral evening bag, fascinator or floral shoes will give you an up-to-date look.

Luxurious fabrics like lace, velvet, brocade or satin are magical holiday favorites. Whether you want to look glamorous and sweet, or sexy and alluring an outfit in a luxurious fabric or combination of several luxurious fabrics says special occasion. When a fabric is fancy like lace or brocade clothing in simple designs are most chic. Black velvet can be very slimming and sensual but dark jewel tone velvets are great for holiday get togethers too. Plush, soft velvet feels good and says “luxury.” so it’s no wonder that velvet continues to be trendy for winter holiday dressing. For petites, darker colors of velvet will be better since textured velvet fabric is thicker than many other fashion fabrics we usually wear.

Be lovely in lace for this holiday season. Although holiday lace doesn’t have to be black, black lace is a fashion favorite, not only for that little black dress, but also for holiday bags, shoes, gloves, and tops.      Holiday trends include gloves this year, but they must be holiday special. This season’s holiday gloves move into the luxe category in velvet, satin, kid, or lace with embellishments such as ruching, beading, or sequins. In a nod to the 1980s, fingerless styles are on trend this year.

Sheer fabrics have been very hot but can be tricky to wear. A lot depends on your figure, the style of the outfit and where the sheer fabrics are located on the outfit. Outfits with transparent fabrics give the fashion diva a sexy look. They can look great on females of any age when the sheer fabrics are strategically located.  If you feel good when you wear an outfit and it looks great on you, go for it.

Sparkles (sequins and metallics) are a huge holiday trend. Any sparkly clothing whether a skirt, pants, jacket or dress is a statement piece.  One statement piece is enough for any outfit. Always combine sparkly separates with simple clothing and accessories. Sparkly dresses are elegant but should be worn with simple style jewelry and accessories. Never go head-to-toe in sparkles. A little sparkle goes a long way.   Mix pearls with rhinestones to be on trend this holiday season. Rhinestones will give your jewelry some holiday twinkle while the pearls give it a touch of class

Metal is “in” for the holidays, whether it’s a metal mesh evening bag, studded killer heels, or mixed metal jewelry. Many of this season’s metal accessories have a hard edge vibe while others, such as the evening bag shown, appeal more to fashionistas who favor vintage.   Sparkle in sequins this holiday season–there’s nothing like some glitz and glitter to enhance your holiday mood. You can find sequin decoration on tops, dresses, evening bags, and shoes.

Fur’s a huge trend this year, and a faux fur wrap is just right for holiday dressing. Keep warm on your way to a holiday party with a faux fur coat, jacket, or stole while looking glam at the same time

If you’ve ever dressed up shinier than a Christmas tree or turned down last-minute party invitations because you had nothing to wear, you’ll know that the holiday season is loaded with chances for fashion disasters. From overdone party looks to being caught with nothing to wear, there are lots of ways that holiday fashion can catch you at your stylish worst.

You show up in jeans, everyone else wears velvet; you wear a long dress and others wear business clothes. You’re not alone if you have trouble deciphering dress codes on a party invitation: most people get confused by designations as ambiguous as “Dressy Casual” or “Cocktail Attire.” A few dressy items span several categories like the little black dress for her or dark suit for him — both of which can attend everything from semi-formal to cocktail parties.

Here are some common holiday faux pas and how to avoid them: (1) Wearing Too Much Glitz – Beading, metallic and shimmer are all fine for the holidays. In fact, most women wait until a good party to break out all of the glitzy finery. But too much shine can overwhelm anyone, especially if you wear it in areas that you don’t necessarily want to highlight (like a beaded chest sweater for a busty gal). Done right, glitz can light up your face and highlight your best body parts. And don’t forget that sometimes the best glitz appears only in accessories: a beaded clutch, sparkly shoes or a hint of glitter eye shadow can go a long way;   (2) Showing Too Much Skin – Thigh-high miniskirts and cut-to-the-navel dresses may look great on the runway, but in reality they are almost impossible to carry off. Not only is it possible to dress sexy while leaving lots to the imagination, it’s also the best way to look your prettiest for the holidays. The secret here is to accentuate your best features with a suggestion: a lace-trimmed camisole under a blazer hints at great cleavage, a small slit on a skirt gives a glimpse at gorgeous legs, a halter dress shows off toned arms; and (3) Getting Caught With Nothing to Wear – Nothing is worse than being invited to a fabulous party and having nothing to wear. By keeping a few dressy basics in your closet you can always be prepared for last-minute invitations. You can even re-wear the items and make them look totally different just with accessories. Essentials like a great little black dress or perfect dressy black pants can take you a long way.

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As 1940s post war America entered into a period of prosperity, as with the wartime rationing of materials including fabric now lifted, the high style of Hollywood could be worn by the masses. Fashion (what would become today’s Retro Style) developed quickly. Through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s people had more leisure time, more money which was used to make some of the most creative music, art and fashion. The fashion styles developed with popular culture and changed quickly with the influence of rock and roll and Hollywood movies. These styles of the 40s 50s and 60s gave way to others in the 70s and 80s, but the classic quality of these styles have been coming back in revivals and each time they do, they are updated just a little bit, infusing the original spirit with a modern day twist.

Retro is a pretty general term but refers to clothing commonly worn in the past. When we talk about retro style, we are referring to the fashions of the 1940s 1950s and 1960s. Certain items have become iconic and representative of these times, like the 50s poodle skirt or the 60s Mod style, which can be combined in new and interesting ways with current clothing and fabrics. It was a simpler time than today, mass consumption, culture and people cared a lot about quality as well as style. The fashion came from wartime styles, out of Hollywood, from the development of new materials, and later from the pop culture around the rock and roll music of the time. Makeup and hairstyles are a part of the retro fashion styling of their eras, adding to the signature fashion elements that help define a decade.

Retro” and “vintage” are two descriptive labels for styles and clothing. In addition, these two words can be applied to other designed objects. In terms of clothing and fashion, a “vintage” item is a piece of clothing that is made during the period of the 1920’s to 1980’s.

There is a subtle difference between vintage and retro clothing styles. Vintage clothing is the actual clothing produced in the time period. These garments are very collectible and desirable by vintage clothing enthusiasts which may include specific designer labels and material, however since it is often previously worn, and clothing wears out, vintage clothing is often times hard to find in good wearable condition. Vintage clothing sizing may be a problem as it was somewhat different in the 40s 50s and 60s than it is today.

Retro Clothing is new clothing in classic styles, sometimes called vintage style. These modern designers are inspired by vintage styles and cuts from by-gone eras, but are using modern materials and methods to create these retro-inspired garments. A big advantage of retro style clothing is that since it is produced today, it is generally easier to find in desired modern sizing and produced in modern fabrics.

Retro fashion refers to fashion from 1940-1990. Retro fashion is a clothing style which consists in wearing clothes commonly used in the past. This way of clothing often includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of such times, and many people use them in an exaggerated way and in combination with current clothing. Some examples are leather handbags from the 1950s, “bell-bottom jeans”, Poodle skirts, big sunglasses, fedoras, funky jackets, shoes, small neckties, chiffon scarves, sport equipment, skinny jeans, etc. Makeup may also play a part in feminine retro fashions, with focal points being heavily-lined eyes and bright red lipstick; hairstyles such as pompadours, ponytails, and ducktails may be adopted, as well as styles that model film stars of the 1940s and 1950s.

An example of this trend is 1970s and 1980s sportswear; soccer jackets, jerseys and T-shirts with former logos of the soccer associations are very popular; their designs commonly remember the old days by using lines in the sides and combinations of colors characteristic of those times. Brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike have their own divisions specialized in retro products. Some soccer, baseball and basketball clubs also have re-edited their former garments to raise their sales.

The 1950s greaser look greatly influenced the punk subculture. In the late 2000s there was a revival of neon and pastel colors, stereotypically associated with 1980s fashion.  Nowadays, 1990s fashion has made a comeback, many of the fabrics and patterns ubiquitous to the decade (such as crushed velvet and floral) are popular now in the 2010s. Dr. Martens, a shoe brand popular in the 1990s, has also made a strong comeback in the early 2010s. 2011 – 2012 was the British company’s bestselling season of all time.

Vintage clothing echoes the style that was popular during that extensive period. The word can refer to the pattern, style, and age of the said object or clothing. Vintage clothing or objects use old patterns and old materials. Clothing is considered vintage if the style and material used are 20 – 75 years old compared to the current fashion trends. However, even some people continue to wear vintage clothing as an expression of fashion as a way to recycle clothes and save money.

Vintage is closely related to antiques where an object has to be 100 years or older to be considered as such. Vintage clothing is usually formal or classy clothing. Some of the vintage styles or designs have evolved through time and the clothing necessities of the people.

Most vintage clothing includes dresses and have some key features that make them stand out from other trends. Vintage clothing styles are full of details like lapels, appliques, or designs. They also have very modest or full cuts and lengths compared to modern clothing. Vintage clothes also have smaller proportions. The construction of vintage clothes is also different from other clothes.

Vintage clothing is regarded as original and authentic in terms of inspiration and design.
“Vintage” is a word that was first used in reference to a wine’s age. In addition, the word is also used to refer to secondhand clothing. The word is Middle English which is probably derived from Anglo-French “vendage” or “vendenge,” from Latin “vindemia.” It was first used in the 15th century. “Vintage,” as a term can function as a noun and an adjective.

One common term associated with vintage is retro. Retro is a type of style or design that refers to previous fashion trends, particularly the vintage style. It is also known as “vintage inspired” or “vintage look.” “Retro” is different from “vintage” with respect to appearances and material. Retro clothing has an updated and more polished look. It means that retro clothes are made with an old style or design but with new or contemporary materials. Retro is mostly borrowed, reproduced or imitated designs.

This embodies the spirit of retro, a shortened word of “retrospective” or “retrospection.” The word’s origin is from the Latin word “retrospectus” which means “backwards.” In terms of age, retro clothing is newer. The word is also used as a term to describe 1960-1970 street clothing.

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calendario1000-510x187The theme of the winter show interprets the similarity of many generations in fashion and contemporary styles.

Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme of the salons in January – says Agostino Poletto, Deputy General Manager of Pitti Immagine – and talks about the similarity of many different generations and styles in the fashion world today. The contemporary speed compresses and mixes the personal time and generations, between nostalgic reflection and experimentation in a global world while overcoming boundaries. So Pitti Generation(s) recounts, with humor and lightness, an era where age is becoming more of a state of mind than master, with mature men in jeans and t-shirts and beards young Victorian with a passion for vintage. “

With a set designed by Oliviero Baldini, the Fortezza da Basso will welcome visitors between installations and surprising inroads, between art and performance, which will transform the grounds of the square opposite the Pavilion, the facade of the Lyceum and other key locations of the Fortress, for an unprecedented generational representation. Time, different styles and genres emerge in an eclectic mix, all under the ironic and surreal of hundreds of eyes that with their “blink”, will transform the square of the Main Pavilion. And yet, the Fortezza da Basso is an exceptional location for such a special event that will launch a surprising way, theme Pitti Generation(s).

The new digital art project of Pitti Uomo is signed by Pasquale Abbattista

The collaboration between Pitti Immagine and talented directors realize the digital art project that launches the theme of the salons, and its relevance. The new video plays Pitti Generation(s) through the technique of morphing, alternating and overlapping the familiar faces of characters belonging to the international fashion system.  Directed and photographed by Pasquale Abbattista, the production of Hi! Production and supervision of Max Brun, the new video project will be linked to an important charity project: the remuneration of the stars of the video will be donated to Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence and the ASP Montedomini , two Florentine institutions dealing with care of children and the elderly, respectively.

PITTI GENERATION (S) presents a collection of objects of Seletti in collaboration with Toiletpaper

To celebrate, Pitti Generation (s) will also be presented the special collection of iconic objects and evergreen design, made in collaboration with the Italian brand Seletti Toiletpaper, magazine of worship by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Selectively Toiletpaper is a proposal to objects characterized by an inexhaustible desire to experiment, a black humor that one dips in pastel colors, materials democratic and family combined with unexpected images and a pop of spirit.

The Fortezza da Basso will be featured objects Seletti wears Toiletpaper, and will be launched in two new preview of the project – a line of carpets and “strangely scented candles” – presented to the Pitti Uomo audience from a series of original means of transport. . Items will then be available for purchase at a temporary shop that has been set up in the Hall of Ronda.

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I read this article of the italian Blogger, Alessandro Sicuro, he’s always very careful to recognizing the talents creativity of Made in Italy and beyond. I immediately wanted posted in my blog this important report, because I believe that, this brand and its line will have ‘future.



Schermata 2015-11-19 alle 22.23.15As a lover of Italian creativity and ingenuity, I am always on the lookout for companies to discover new ideas and products.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Creative Lab of a young Tuscan Company Marka™ Ltd, for their collection of accessories and unique jewelry, bracelets and chains for pants, designed and styled very attractively. Silver, precious stones such as amethyst, tiger eye, silver bracelets, leather, python, set in magnificent frames made in the urban Hipster style.


Many times companies write to me for a technical opinion and input on their creations. I am generally happy to oblique.

One of the most interesting ideas that I have become aware of lately, is a new brand with a very unique style.  How did the idea begin? The story is simple, and the entrepreneurs are four friends, who met over dinner and decided to give birth to a new line of products, involving the creation of fashion accessories.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiven the fact that the four friends have a plethora of experience in the field of industrial creativity for many years, although each in different sectors. For them, this environment for them is so challenging, yet complicated and fascinating at the same time, allowing him to obtain several successes to the point of deciding to embark on this new creative venture with the creation of the brand 43°11° © –

go to the web site: www.4311.itOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I readily admit that this idea intrigued me from the very beginning, their enthusiasm has spread and my talent scouting staff, “always lurking like a sentinel,”  I immediately came to understand that I was in the right place, at the right time. Then moving from words to deeds, I came to see the creations of the collection 43°11°©, led by creative director Andrea Balleri, to see for myself this team full of energy and passion for innovation, there’s really an idea worth telling and bringing forward.

Schermata 2015-11-19 alle 22.46.49Ing. Andrea Balleri creative director 43°11°©

Upon arriving at the company and opening the caskets of the collection, I noticed three elements that strike me immediately in the products. The first is the lightness of the product, a fact that I always find very valuable when you have to wear something. Despite the closure of the bracelets and chains, they are both reliable and lightweight, as well for pendants, and chains that are set with semiprecious stones.

 ⬇︎ bracelets


The second element that struck me is the exquisite design and detail, impact, quality of micro-fusion of silver, an aesthetic and functional mix I found really fascinating.

 ⬇ bracelets ︎

The third element that struck me is the price: finding to be an excellent compromise between quality and cost. Bearing in mind that manufacturing procedures faithfully respect the matching processing parameters in compliance with the safety standards.

⬇ pants/trouser chains ︎

The collection is ready and the holders Marka Ltd say, which is also in high demand by social media and Internet.


Marka srl. Sede legale: Ripa Castel Traetti, 1. 51100 PT (Italy)
Sede operativa: Via Prov. Francesca Sud 143 145, 56029 Santa croce sull’Arno PI.
P.iva 01843420470  email: