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calendario1000-510x187The theme of the winter show interprets the similarity of many generations in fashion and contemporary styles.

Pitti Generation(s) is the guiding theme of the salons in January – says Agostino Poletto, Deputy General Manager of Pitti Immagine – and talks about the similarity of many different generations and styles in the fashion world today. The contemporary speed compresses and mixes the personal time and generations, between nostalgic reflection and experimentation in a global world while overcoming boundaries. So Pitti Generation(s) recounts, with humor and lightness, an era where age is becoming more of a state of mind than master, with mature men in jeans and t-shirts and beards young Victorian with a passion for vintage. “

With a set designed by Oliviero Baldini, the Fortezza da Basso will welcome visitors between installations and surprising inroads, between art and performance, which will transform the grounds of the square opposite the Pavilion, the facade of the Lyceum and other key locations of the Fortress, for an unprecedented generational representation. Time, different styles and genres emerge in an eclectic mix, all under the ironic and surreal of hundreds of eyes that with their “blink”, will transform the square of the Main Pavilion. And yet, the Fortezza da Basso is an exceptional location for such a special event that will launch a surprising way, theme Pitti Generation(s).

The new digital art project of Pitti Uomo is signed by Pasquale Abbattista

The collaboration between Pitti Immagine and talented directors realize the digital art project that launches the theme of the salons, and its relevance. The new video plays Pitti Generation(s) through the technique of morphing, alternating and overlapping the familiar faces of characters belonging to the international fashion system.  Directed and photographed by Pasquale Abbattista, the production of Hi! Production and supervision of Max Brun, the new video project will be linked to an important charity project: the remuneration of the stars of the video will be donated to Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence and the ASP Montedomini , two Florentine institutions dealing with care of children and the elderly, respectively.

PITTI GENERATION (S) presents a collection of objects of Seletti in collaboration with Toiletpaper

To celebrate, Pitti Generation (s) will also be presented the special collection of iconic objects and evergreen design, made in collaboration with the Italian brand Seletti Toiletpaper, magazine of worship by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Selectively Toiletpaper is a proposal to objects characterized by an inexhaustible desire to experiment, a black humor that one dips in pastel colors, materials democratic and family combined with unexpected images and a pop of spirit.

The Fortezza da Basso will be featured objects Seletti wears Toiletpaper, and will be launched in two new preview of the project – a line of carpets and “strangely scented candles” – presented to the Pitti Uomo audience from a series of original means of transport. . Items will then be available for purchase at a temporary shop that has been set up in the Hall of Ronda.

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