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Why is honoring veterans on Veterans Day necessary?   Veterans Day important? It is a day to not only honor all who have served but also to acknowledge those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. Veterans are those p those people who not only go to war, they also are those who risk their lives for the freedom of their country. They are what are called Heroes, risking everything they have.

There are several reasons why we should honor veterans. If you’re among the few who are still wondering why, and if, it’s necessary, I hope the reasoning I am sharing should prove sufficient.   Whatever you may think about war, their sacrifices should always be appreciated.

These people are willing to put their lives on the line. They go to war zones and are willing to face danger and death. They get assigned to foreign countries and fight alongside or against total strangers. From hunting down terrorists to maintaining peace and order, there is not a moment when their lives are not in danger. They don’t do this to attain glory or fame.

Soldiers do it so the people back home will have the chance to live in peace. The soldiers fight so you don’t have to.   Joining the military is voluntary. Fighting for your countrymen can’t be forced on anyone. Yet they do it, not just for their families but even total strangers. This is just one of the reasons why we should honor veterans.

Most of the time, they don’t get their names on the paper or their pictures on TV. Yet more than anyone these men and women manage to keep the peace. Just take a moment to recognize that they fought for you.

For the Family Sacrifices They Make

The soldier who goes to the battlefield isn’t just putting his / her life at risk. He leaves behind friends and family as well. Some of these soldiers get stationed in foreign countries for several months on end. They hardly get the chance to see their kids grow. Soldiers gave up the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones so you may do so. This doesn’t just affect the soldier of course; it affects their families and friends as well.

A lot of the things we take for granted now were through the efforts of soldiers who fought (and are still fighting) for the country. It’s all too easy for us to sit back and watch war footages on TV. Yet as anyone who has gone through a tour of duty will tell you, nothing on TV matches the real thing. The reason why we should honor veterans is because they let us do these simple things.

While we are happily going about our lives, those soldiers spend years toiling at the battlefields. Many of them come home carrying the scars of war. These can be physical or emotional. Oftentimes, it is both.

They go through this ordeal so we can rest easy. It’s a fact, a sad fact, that their efforts to keep the peace are rarely noticed. Only when an occasional negative incident happens are they noticed and pilloried.

When you are enjoying dinner with your spouse or playing with your child, it’s because someone gave up his / her chance to do so. If you’re wondering why we should honor veterans, it’s because their sacrifices made it possible for you to spend time with your family.

For Providing Security

The threats of terrorism and other enemies are always present. If not for these fighting men and women, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. When you walk around the park, enjoy a movie or play video games downtown, it’s because these soldiers made it possible. To this day there are places in the world where people are afraid to leave their homes, because they might never be able to make it back.

The reason why we should honor veterans is that, simply put they are willing to die for their country and countrymen. They have given up the comforts of living life at home you can enjoy it. They chose to see their children grow in pictures so you can see yours say their first word and take their first walk. These people are willing to shed blood, sweat and tears so you can sleep peacefully.

Some of these soldiers will never make it back home. A lot of those who do return carry with them the scars and memories from many tours of duties. They will have to endure physical, emotional and mental anguish.

There are some people say that fighting is a bad thing; war is the same thing except risking their lives to try and save all others in the world. And one day eventually all those veterans, which have fought in a war, will accomplish that dream. That dream all veterans have, of changing the world to bring freedom and peace at last.

A visit to any war hospital will show you the pain they go through and will deal with for the rest of their lives. The sacrifices they make for their country are irreplaceable and priceless. That is why we should honor veterans.

Give Thanks

The next time you see a soldier, give him or her a salute. If you get the chance to talk, let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for the country. Let them know that the sacrifices they made were not in vain.

Let them know that their well-being and safety are always part of your prayers. And don’t forget to tell them that you are grateful for their courage in defending the country from harm.

Learning the reasons why we should honor veterans is something you should take to heart. It’s the least you can do for these outstanding individuals.

Kathy Kiefer