The education



George Mason University, BA History (major) Anthropology (minor)

NOVA, liberal studies

Trinity College/Catholic University, Religion

Upon graduation from High School, I went to college at the SUNY @ Farmingdale, where I was an Early Childhood Education Major.   For as long as I can remember I was always interested in the teaching field and working with children, especially those that were labeled “slow learners” or had a “specific learning disability.”

I had a break in my college education for several years as I started working for the Federal Government, finally starting back to college in the 1990’s.  By this time I was employed by one of the school systems in Northern Virginia.  In many States you can get your undergraduate degree in education by in Virginia your undergraduate degree must be in a specific discipline.  The degree I had chosen to pursue was history and take a minor in anthropology/archeology.  History always held an interest for me so this was only natural for me to do.  With the anthropology and archeology, the artifacts that have been found and continue to be uncovered are a part of history and tell us a story of the area and the peoples that were there and gives us a window  as to what life was like all those years ago.   It all ties in together to give us lessons from the past and what can be used in the future.

I have also been working on the graduate level in both disciplines, to be adequately able to pass on my knowledge and expertise to another generation with the hope of inspiring someone to follow their dreams in education as well as going into the history or anthropology field.

Even now when I travel (which I love to do) I enjoy visiting places that I have only seen in the history books or learned in class.   I find it much more satisfying to see the places that I have learned about and I feel like I am being transported back in time (also helps that I have an eye for detail and a fantastic memory for things).


Thank you,


Kathy Kiefer




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