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1fragrance-house009Florence, still illuminated by the warmth of summer and the Vogue Fashion Night out yesterday, will offer the usual and unmissable appointment with: Fragrances 11, the fair-event to be held in the elegance of yesteryear at the Stazione Leopolda 13 to 15 September.

And like every other issue passed, the 2013 will also be remembered. If last year the theme was the journey, exhibited a surprising installation curated by Alessandro Moradei, which had dotted the arched ceilings of the Stazione Leopolda in fluffy white clouds, this year’s theme will be perfume salon excellence memory.

Memory is understood as an evocation of memories even more hidden and forgotten, stimulated by a concept structured and composed not only in smells, but also with graphics and video projections to accompany visitors throughout the exhibition. Memory is understood even more so from a scientific nature, in which the smell odor becomes therapeutic food for the journey.

In this innovative idea you connect with is one of the most interesting moments of the event, the talk of Smell and Memory edited by Alienor Massenet, a prominent figure of IFF and nose for Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Armani, John Galliano, Memo.

During his lecture Alienor Massenet will present a unique project of its kind for several years involving some of the most important public hospitals in Paris, where in specific workshops the smell becomes “an instrument of rehabilitation mnemonic” for patients suffering from serious problems such as amnesia or trauma. Thanks to the collaboration between IFF and the non-profit association CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) smells can become a valuable tool for the reactivation of neuronal circuits related to memory.

If this event is not enough in itself to make it worthwhile a visit to Pitti Fragrances, the show re-launches with an event that will allow the public to fragrances put his/her nose in the land of perfume par excellence: a dedicated focus to the world and market of perfumery the Middle East. The oriental fragrances have always influenced western perfumery, it is a fact that most acquired. Moreover, in recent years, the love shown to the old by the most demanding consumers has opened a veritable highway where to gallop curiosity about the fascinating Levantine galaxy. What better opportunity than that offered by Fragrances 11 for a meeting between the two universes!

The focus will be attended by Shahzad Haider, CEO of the Fragrance Foundation Arabia with a deep knowledge of the  luxury perfume market both in the Middle East and Internationally. His speech will focus in particular on the interaction between East and West, both culturally and commercially. To interview a host of this exception, Chandler Burr that has illuminated the scene of 2012 Fragrances. Although he no longer needs an introduction, we recall that Burr is a journalist and perfume critic for the New York Times and is one of the most influential figures in the world of perfumery.

In this fast-paced presentation of Fragrances 11, we cannot forget the fixture of Observatory presented by IFF, world leader in the production of perfumes, essences and flavorings. In particular there is a meeting scheduled for Friday the 13th focusing on news and trends in international perfumery.

Another novelty this year is the presentation of an emerging name in the publishing world, a bi-annual magazine dedicated to every art form in its most innovative expressions, cuisine and fashion. The publication name is ANEW, project born from the inspiration of Francesco Bonami and Martina Mondadori.

These are the events that will be the backdrop to the biggest names in the perfumery niche and luxury that Fragrances have an audience increasingly demanding and being informed of their latest creations.

Alongside the Classic which gathers the most famous fashion house, there will be, as always, the Spring area, dedicated to young brands and new fragrances that are in a showcase where they have more visibility. To further stimulate your curiosity, suffice it to mention that the then unknown Naomi Goodsir last year showed up in Spring with the surprising Cuir Velours Bois d’ascended. Who will be the Goodsir this year?

In addition, there will always be the area Charms, bijoux and accessories dedicated to the most original, the must for a true luxury lifestyle, sometimes accompanied by a cote olfactory even more precious

If everything you have read thus far has your appetite whetted, and if you want to be among the first to hear the news about the perfume for next season and maybe discover some which would become a classic, SAVE THE DATE!

13-15 September 2013

Leopolda Station,

viale F.lli Rosselli, Florence

Friday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00

(Free entrance reserved for professionals)

Kathy Kiefer


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